Falling into Yourself​
Falling Into Yourself – Part VI
“The open mind is a curious mind, an intelligent mind, and a strong mind. An open mind has the power to inquire.”
To Stop Is to Open

When I met my teacher, Papaji, he told me to “stop,” to “call off my search” and to see what is already and always here. “You are what you’ve been searching for!” he promised.

This “stop” is the basis of everything you will read in this course. It is not a teaching, not a belief system, and not a way to live your life. It’s not that you “should” stop or that stopping will get you something, that you will be rich or famous or universally loved or never have a sad moment.

This is an invitation and a support and an encouragement for you to investigate for yourself, out of the natural curiosity of the human mind, without believing it or learning it or hoping to get something from it. You can inquire for yourself and discover first hand, What is here when I stop trying to get anything? How much of that is here? Where does that begin? Where does it end?

To stop is to open. To open your mind. To open your fist. To open that tightly clenched fist of your mind and let everything go. Let go every idea of what you’ve had or what you’d like to get. Open and receive the nectar of your own eternal being, that which is already and always open.

Right now, as you read this, I suggest you try closing your fist very tightly. Feel the effort that it takes to clench your fist. Now, simply open your fist. Experience the relaxation and openness that occur by opening the clenched fist. It is the same with your mind. Turn your conscious attention inward to the silent source of your being and simply open. This is the secret of stopping.

If you are willing, just for this moment, to suspend every idea of what you think you need, what you have, what you should have, might have, or might never get, then your mind can simply open. You can discover for yourself right now, in this very moment, the vastness and the peace of an open mind. I guarantee you that you can always get those ideas back if you aren’t satisfied with what is discovered when you are willing to suspend them.

The open mind is a curious mind, an intelligent mind, and a strong mind. An open mind has the power to inquire, “Who am I? What is the source of who I am? Is that here now? What is always here?” Finally, essentially, it has to be your own direct discovery. Then your life can be lived freely as the truth of who you are.