Falling into Yourself​
Falling Into Yourself – Part I​V
“Let your attention move from what you are saying about your emotions to directly feeling them, experiencing them, and then discovering what is underneath them.”
What Are You Actually Feeling?

There is often startling power in our feelings. Because emotions are what give a story its life—its juice—it’s very important to be able to discover what we are actually feeling. I know that in challenging situations it is sometimes quite useful to block feelings, to be able to dissociate or to detach oneself from feelings. The feelings still have a power. When we have to continuously maintain a distance from our feelings we actually clamp down our life force.  

You may find it sometimes necessary to detach from your emotions. But in our time together, I am inviting you to actually be aware of your emotions. You can give yourself permission to be aware of your emotions without discharging them or without using them as an excuse to do harm to yourself or others. There is strength in being absolutely aware of what you are feeling or experiencing. I’m not teaching you how to be free of emotions. I’m inviting you into the messiness of your emotions, to discover what is already free whatever your emotions may be.