Falling into Yourself​
Falling Into Yourself: Self Inquiry with Gangaji
Seven-Part Course
 “To discover the truth of who you are is not only possible, it is your birthright.” 

Self-inquiry is not the fixed question, Who am I? Self-inquiry is a way of being, a way of living. It is the willingness in every moment to stop and ask yourself: What is going on? What is being thought? What is being believed? Is it real? Is it true? In this open investigation it is possible to recognize that whatever the story is, it is always only a thought. Deeper than that thought, before that thought, after that thought, and gloriously even during that thought, is the truth of who you are.

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What to Expect in this Course

Self-Inquiry: Falling Into Yourself is a seven-part course designed to be taken over the course of a month (but you are free to take as long as you like.) So that you can take your time and sink into what Gangaji is offering, each new section will unlock after four days. You will receive an email letting you know when the next section is available. Each section contains readings, guided audios, video clips, and/or inquiries.

Part I: You Are Not Who You Think You Are

Part II: The Search for Identity

Part III: The Story Is the Entry Point

Part IV: Emotions Do Not Define You

Part V: Overlooking Awareness Itself

Part VI: Stop & Inquire

Part VII: Open and Receive Yourself