An Introduction to Self-Inquiry​
Part I
One Page Course
An Introduction to Self-Inquiry with Gangaji​
Self-Inquiry is an Open Investigation​

I am here, in your consciousness, for your freedom and lasting fulfillment. I know it is possible for you to discover the source of freedom and lasting fulfillment, and then to spend the rest of your life being true to that, allowing that to inform your work, your words, and your life.

The word “inquiry” can sound academic, flat, or abstract. But true self-inquiry is alive and vibrant. It is not limited to the fixed question, Who am I? It is a way of being, a way of living. Inquiry results in the restless mind being turned back toward its source. It is the capacity of your individual mind to open and discover its source.

I am here to support your inquiry. In this moment, you have the capacity to have no belief, no memory, no future, no past, no parents, no gender, no agenda. To discover that what remains when there is no thought narrative needs no belief. What is free of time is present regardless of time and belief. It is the ground that all belief springs from and all belief dies back into.

There are no particular requirements for true inquiry. Rich or poor, in or out of prison, with plenty of leisure time or none at all, all people in all kinds of circumstances have the capacity to honestly inquire. No one is ahead of anyone else here. Everyone has the same capacity to tell the truth.

Trusting yourself without memories or images of yourself opens the mind. We are trained to close our minds based on definitions of who or what we think we and others are. Right now, let’s spend this time not knowing, but instead opening and discovering. I am inviting you to be awake and present and not know, and ask yourself, “Who am I when I don’t know who I am?”


Watch these three essential teaching videos about what self-inquiry is, and what it is not. Gangaji reminds us that self-inquiry is not about fixing ourselves. It is not about personal processing. It involves no thought. It is about “discovering what it is you don’t know, even if you don’t know that you don’t know it.”

Inquiring into Your Direct Experience
Inquiring into Your Direct Experience
Satsang Is Not Therapy
Satsang Is Not Therapy
The Difference Between Self-Inquiry and Searching
The Difference Between Self-Inquiry and Searching