Ending Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering​
Part 1
Part I: Ending Your Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering​
“There is an unknown territory where blame and opinion and stories of heroes and villains are all just on the surface. If we are invested or attached to the surface, we never get to have the experience of a true deep dive inside. You are here to loosen that attachment. You are here to dive. You are here to find what you really want.”
1st Reading​
Are you imprisoned by the stories you tell yourself?

How is it possible to end our patterns of suffering? It is only possible if you're willing to have the power of observation activated. It gets activated by your own desire for truth, your willingness to inquire how you suffer, and your ability to discern when that suffering is unnecessary.

This word “unnecessary” is important, because there is certainly suffering in the world. There is pain in the world for all forms of life. This personal observation is not about getting something right so that you will be free from suffering. That freedom would be conditional. The freedom I am pointing you to is the freedom that is already alive within you in this very instant, regardless of conditions. Inner freedom is not reliant on your doing anything. It is the inherent truth of who you are.

Our emotional stories are the center of our suffering, and we need to spend as much time as needed to discover how to break free of their hold. Emotions and the stories we tell ourselves about those emotions are the material of our inner prisons. The inner prison is unnecessary; in fact, the inner prison cannot survive true self-inquiry.

Are you imprisoned by the stories you tell yourself? Do your emotions run your life? I am here to challenge your emotional and narrative imprisonment, and to invite you to a deeper recognition of truth, one that proclaims your actual freedom. It’s hard to see that we have choice in emotional and narrative matters, and yet we do. The essential choice is discovered in your willingness to tell the truth to yourself.