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Page Rules
Setting when a user can access a page
Each page in a course can have a rule for when a user can access it. This allows courses ranging from simple self-serve sequential courses, to drip-content courses and scheduled group courses.

Free Pages

Pages can be marked as free, even in a paid course, to give access to teaser or preliminary content.

Paid Pages

Within paid courses, pages marked as paid will verify the user has purchased access to the course, or offer them a purchase link.

Page Access Settings

Apart from the paid/free main setting, a page can also have additional access rules, described below.

When Last Page Completed

The default setting. The page can only be access when the previous page is completed.

Delay After Last Section

For drip-content, for example, giving access to one page a day. Using this setting, you can set the page to be accessible one day after the last one is complete.

On Specific Day & Time

For group courses, or courses tied to specific Events, we can make pages accessible only on specific dates. For example, if a course is tied to an event, we could have a page accessible on the Friday before the event, and one for the Monday after the event.

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