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Page Actions
Setting what happens when a page is accessed or completed
Each page can also have multiple triggers and actions attached to it.


When to execute a page action.


What to do when a trigger is tripped.

Possible Triggers

Page First Accessed

When the page is first viewed by the user.

Page Saved

When the page is saved by the user.

Page Completed

When the page is finished (typically by going to the next page after filling-in any necessary forms).

Page Unfinished

If a page was visited, but then never returned to or completed after a certain period.

Possible Actions

Send Email to User

Email the user any pre-made Mailster email with custom replacements.

Send email to Admin

Email any pre-made Mailster email with custom replacements, and also include any forms on the page the user filled-in.

Mark Course Complete

Mark the course as completed. Usage example: If a course is marked as it counts as a prerequisite for small group meetings, then on the last page of the course, add a trigger "Page Completed" and set the action to "Mark Course Complete" to allow the user to now qualify for small group retreats.

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