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Misc Form Items

In this section, we'll continue looking at forms, with the remainder of items.

Star Rating for Video:

How did you enjoy the video?

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="1" form_name="star_rating" rep4="~instruction~=Rate the video. Test stars rating."|>

Example of toggle element:

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="10" form_name="toggle_header" rep2="~title~=Expand for More Info" rep3="~target_div~=my_more_info"|>

Here is some more info appearing after you clicked.

Example of timed bullets:

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="5" form_name="focus_bullets" rep1="~bullet_delay~=3" rep2="~bullet_divs~=gfc_bp_1,gfc_bp_2,gfc_bp_3,gfc_bp_4,gfc_bp_5" rep3="~bullet_show_end~=gfc_bp_10"|>

• Relax and breathe.

• How does this inquiry make you feel?

• Now explore such and such.

• And if x or y arose, what do you feel is underneath it?

• Now breathe again and see what remains.

You finished that exercise, here's a follow-up.

Example of timed exercise:

Here's an inquiry exercise [something something] now sit quietly and think on it.

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="2" form_name="silence_timer" rep1="~start_seconds~=10" rep2="~show_divs~=gfc_after_timer_div"|>

What came up for you during the silent sitting? Share your report below and read what others who have completed this exercise have written.

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