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Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

In this section, we'll continue looking at forms, with checkboxes and radio buttons.

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Radio buttons, checkboxes and dynamic display based on choices.

Vertical and Horizontal Radio Buttons

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="1" form_name="radios_vertical" rep4="~instruction~=Here is a random set of radio buttons" rep1="~r1~=yes" rep2="~r2~=no" rep3="~r3~=maybe"|>
<|gfc_form ~args~ id="2" form_name="radios_horizontal" rep4="~instruction~=Here is horiz radio buttons" rep1="~r1~=yes" rep2="~r2~=no" rep3="~r3~=maybe"|>
<|gfc_form ~args~ id="3" form_name="checkboxes_vertical" rep4="~instruction~=Here is vert checkboxes" rep1="~r1~=an option" rep2="~r2~=another" rep3="~r3~=last" required="true"|>

An example of dynamic content based on user choice:

<|gfc_form ~args~ id="4" form_name="radios_horizontal" rep4="~instruction~=Would you like to dive deeper into this inquiry?" rep1="~r1~=yes" rep2="~r2~=no" show_div_if_value="yes=divr_1" required="true"|>

You selected yes! Can show a hidden section based on what they selected, such as more info, another inquiry question, etc.

You selected no!

You selected maybe!

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