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The Gangaji Forum

The Gangaji Forum is a lively and attuned online community that Gangaji visits every day. Join with others in self-inquiry, and forge friendships across continents.

From the Forum

You were talking about inquiring, just for a moment (not too daunting a task), and cutting straight through the suffering of trauma. Having spent over 50 years recovering from a horrendous childhood experience I wondered if what you were asking was even possible. In one of my Covid-induced feverish sleepless nights of sheer exhaustion, I think I just gave it a go and totally expected, if you were correct, to at least find the whole, if broken and damaged, child I locked in the dungeon of my mind all those years ago. Well, I imagine you know what I found!! 😊 To my sheer amazement and absolute wonder the inquiry led me to a totally untouched version of myself that I didn't even know existed! Wow!  Within nanoseconds! The trauma had not damaged the essence of me at all! 

This peace, this ease, this knowing that all is well even when it appears otherwise, this is Grace. Grace appears over and over again, revealing itself here.

The fire of living inquiry, I am so grateful for this. Thank you, dear Gangaji. Thank you for living as truth, radiating, transmitting that which we are, pure love, pure radiance, pure peace.

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