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Community Screening of Prayer for Peace

Watch a sneak peek from A Prayer for Peace. In this video, Gangaji asks, "Is peace in the world ever separate from peace within your own mind?" She points to world peace as a reflection of the cultural mind, which in turn is a reflection of the individual mind. She leads several participants into the direct discovery of what is always already at peace, and asks each of us an earnest question: What is your responsibility for peace?

We will be showing the full Video of A Prayer for Peace in Gangaji's Video Library for our next Community Video Screening on January 1 at 11 AM Pacific Time. Watch with others around the world See below for how to become a member.

A Chance for Peace


Maybe Grace comes to get you, and knocks on your door, and says, "You have a chance to be at peace." In your willingness to take that chance, then you have an opportunity to share this peace everywhere.  
Find out how to be a part of our community video screenings that happen once a month in Gangaji's Video Libary. Our screening of a Prayer for Peace will be on January 1st at 11 AM PST. During the screening, you can connect in real-time with other members across the globe.  When you become a member of the library you can also watch hundreds of other full-length meetings, event recordings, and selected clips in your own time or with friends. See Membership Options.

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