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New Video Compilation Preview: Let the Oneness Be You

Take a quick peek at this new video compilation from Gangaji's library. This video brings together some of the most profound monologues and engaging interactions with Gangaji on the subject of inclusion and wholeness.  Let the Oneness be You was inspired by our friend and long-time Bay Area Volunteer, Steve Miller. Dhruva Baumbach helped us with researching material and we used video transitions by Christiane Gude, and Music by Kathy Zavada. Thank you all for collaborating with us on this precious collection of inspired video content!

Even An Ordinary Person, Even You!


In this clip from Gangaji's compilation, Let the Oneness Be You, lies a hint to an elusive secret, the one thing you imagine is excluded from the experience of totality: you!  In the full video, Gangaji demonstrates that the totality of being that holds all parts is already who you are. She invites you to simply receive yourself, completely. "Wholeness includes all. Then the question becomes, are you willing to accept the whole? To be intimate with the whole?”  
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