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Let the Oneness Be You

Let the Oneness Be You

Do you feel that your life circumstances, or certain aspects of your personality, or your struggle with difficult emotions, exclude you from wholeness? Do you believe that in order to realize wholeness you must somehow “contain” the totality of divinity within yourself? In this compilation of monologues and interactions, Gangaji directs you to “Give it up! Stop trying to contain the whole in a part. The part is contained within the whole.”

“As an ordinary person, you can recognize what is free, conscious, and in love—even in an ordinary person.”

Still in Awareness

Still in Awareness

Video Compilation

One’s own awareness is so ordinary and all pervasive it goes continually overlooked, yet ironically it offers the very freedom that is longed for. When attention is turned toward the essential experience of simply being, it is possible to discover that one is not a body identified with thoughts and feelings, but rather the limitless awareness aware of it all. Here Gangaji offers the opportunity to be aware of awareness itself rather than the often conflicting factions of mind and emotion; to give the whole of oneself to this that is already effortlessly present, alive as the inherently free awareness that you are.

with Spanish Subtitles

Freedom & Desire

Video Compilation

Unlike other desires, the desire for true freedom is an invitation to turn the mind back into the very core of the desire itself, rather than projecting into the future. In these conversations Gangaji makes it clear that once that choice is made it is possible to realize something more limitless than personal freedom: the direct experience of what is and always has been and always will be free.

with German Subtitles

Facing Death

Facing Death video- Gangaji retreat clips Facing Death Compilation

Video Compilation

What is life? What is death? Who are you? In this compilation Gangaji leads us on a profound investigation into that aspect of life most avoided in Western culture, the inevitable death of the body. In a number of deeply moving monologues and interactions, Gangaji speaks with people currently facing this core issue either through personal illness or the loss of a loved one. The invitation is to stop all strategies of mind to escape this one inescapable event and to fully meet your own primal fear of death, here and now.

Now with subtitles in German, French and Spanish

The Invitation – Spanish Subtitles

The Invitation – Spanish Subtitles video- The Invitation La Invitación

La Invitación

¿Has buscado en todas partes la realización?¿ En relaciones, espiritualidad, salud, en la imagen que tienes de ti mismo? ¿Has encontrado lo que más importa? En el corazón del mensaje de Gangaji está la simple y aún así radical invitación a dejar de buscar resolución fuera de ti mismo, y simplemente estar dispuesto, sólo en este momento, a ver lo que ya está aquí. Esta compilación de monólogos cristalinos son el aliento, el apoyo, y la inspiración para finalmente aceptar la invitación del anhelo más profundo de tu alma. Más allá de cualquier creencia sobre ti mismo, más cercano que cualquier alegría o tristeza, más inmediato que la salud y la enfermedad, está la eterna realidad de lo que eres. Bienvenido a ti.

Still in Awareness – German Subtitles

Still in Awareness – German Subtitles video- Still in Awareness German Subtitles

Reglos in Gewahrsein

Das eigene Gewahrsein ist so gewöhnlich und alles durchdringend , dass es andauernd übersehen wird. Dennoch bietet es ironischerweise ebendiesen Frieden, der ersehnt wird. Wenn die Aufmerksamkeit der essentiellen Erfahrung des einfachen Seins zugewendet wird, ist es möglich zu entdecken, dass man kein Körper, identifiziert mit Gedanken und Gefühlen, ist, sondern das grenzenlose Bewußtsein, sich all dessen gewahr. Hier bietet Gangaji die Möglichkeit an, sich vielmehr des Bewußtseins selbst gewahr zu sein, als den oft widersprüchlichen Fraktionen des Verstandes und der Emotionen. Die Ganzheit seines Selbst dem zu widmen, was schon anstrengungslos präsent ist, lebendig als das innewohnende, freie Gewahrsein, das du bist.

Love & Gratitude

Love & Gratitude video- Gangaji love and gratitude satsang

From Kat : My staff pick is Love and Gratitude. It’s an old compilation but for me it speaks to what is most dear to me: with love you find gratitude and with gratitude you find love. “Love is always here no matter what else may be here in any given moment” Gangaji 

Video Compilation

In this collection of conversations with Gangaji, the topics of love and gratitude are explored and celebrated as fundamental choices inherent to every moment of one’s life. Gangaji speaks of the tendency of mind to focus on what is “wrong” in our lives, rather than embracing all that there is to be grateful for. This tendency, coupled with strategies of protection and defense against being broken hearted, is the source of our greatest suffering. When there is the desire to serve the truth of love, the truth of freedom, the truth of one’s own heart, then the privilege of one’s life can be recognized. Love can teach you who you are.

From Kat Miller: My staff pick is Love and Gratitude. It’s an old compilation but for me it speaks to what is most dear to me, with love you find gratitude and with gratitude you find love. “Love is always here no matter what else may be here in any given moment” Gangaji 

The Longing: Pt 1 & 2

The Longing: Pt 1 & 2 video- Video Compilation Gangaji true freedom real fulfillment

The Longing: Part 1

Longing is the deepest desire of the soul to know what is true, what is real, who one really is. It is the desire for true freedom, for real fulfillment, a kind of homesickness for the beloved, a hunger for the wonder of your own being. What is the difference between this longing that calls us home and our ordinary desires? How has this call to freedom been heard in your life? And how has it been answered?

Gangaji’s first video compilation from the late 90s, The Longing: Part 1, explores this core desire and points to the unexpected treasure discovered within it, the treasure of the truth of who you are.

Standing in the Truth of Who You Are

Standing in the Truth of Who You Are video- Gangaji standing in truth who are you

Video Compilation

Standing in the Truth of Who You Are includes three of Gangaji’s most powerful monologues ever recorded, and speaks to the potential for all of us “as ordinary human beings, living ordinary lives, to stand up extraordinarily.” With this compilation of dialogues, monologues and a repeating question exercise, you are invited to examine at the deepest level, who you are. As Gangaji says, “This is the full circle. This is coming home.”

The Invitation

The Invitation

Video Compilation

Have you looked everywhere for fulfillment? In relationships, spirituality, health, self-image? Have you found what matters most? At the very heart of Gangaji’s message is the simple yet radical invitation to stop looking outside yourself for resolution, and simply be willing, just in this moment, to see what is already here. This compilation of crystalline monologues is the encouragement, the support, and the inspiration to finally accept the invitation of your soul’s deepest longing. Beyond any belief about yourself, closer than any joy or sorrow, more immediate than either sickness or health, is the endlessly fulfilling truth of who you are. Welcome in.

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