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GF Video Category: Themed Compilations

Let the Oneness Be You

Let the Oneness Be You

Do you feel that your life circumstances, or certain aspects of your personality, or your struggle with difficult emotions, exclude you from wholeness? Do you believe that in order to realize wholeness you must somehow "contain" the totality of divinity within yourself? In this compilation of monologues and interactions, Gangaji directs you to “Give it up! Stop trying to contain the whole in a part. The part is contained within the whole.”

“As an ordinary person, you can recognize what is free, conscious, and in love—even in an ordinary person.”

Freedom & Desire

Video Compilation

Unlike other desires, the desire for true freedom is an invitation to turn the mind back into the very core of the desire itself, rather than projecting into the future. In these conversations Gangaji makes it clear that once that choice is made it is possible to realize something more limitless than personal freedom: the direct experience of what is and always has been and always will be free.

with German Subtitles

Still in Awareness

Still in Awareness

Video Compilation

One’s own awareness is so ordinary and all pervasive it goes continually overlooked, yet ironically it offers the very freedom that is longed for. When attention is turned toward the essential experience of simply being, it is possible to discover that one is not a body identified with thoughts and feelings, but rather the limitless awareness aware of it all. Here Gangaji offers the opportunity to be aware of awareness itself rather than the often conflicting factions of mind and emotion; to give the whole of oneself to this that is already effortlessly present, alive as the inherently free awareness that you are.

with Spanish Subtitles

Facing Death

Facing Death video- Gangaji retreat clips Facing Death Compilation

Video Compilation

What is life? What is death? Who are you? In this compilation Gangaji leads us on a profound investigation into that aspect of life most avoided in Western culture, the inevitable death of the body. In a number of deeply moving monologues and interactions, Gangaji speaks with people currently facing this core issue either through personal illness or the loss of a loved one. The invitation is to stop all strategies of mind to escape this one inescapable event and to fully meet your own primal fear of death, here and now.

Now with subtitles in German, French and Spanish

Laughing All the Way Home

Laughing All the Way Home video- Compilation Gangaji events funny spirituality jokes heartfelt

Video Compilation

From heartfelt reports to songs and jokes, this compilation from meetings with Gangaji offers spontaneity, warmth, and the opportunity to experience the joy of laughter. True laughter is transcendent of life’s limitations and opens the door to the deeper seeing of one’s true self.

From Rich:

"Pure joy!"

Free of the Mind's Tyranny Part 2

Free of the Mind's Tyranny Part 2 video- Asheville Gangaji desire know truth video

Part 2

Selections from Asheville 

May 2000

In this extraordinary compilation of compelling monologues and interactions, Gangaji offers the key to unlock the tricks of you own mind. Through the force of your own desire to know the truth of your own being, the mind can end it's outward flow and fall back into the sweet embrace of it's source. Then the boundless intelligence of your own true nature is freed to be used by your heart.

Revealing Strategies of Ego

Revealing Strategies of Ego video- Gangaji compilation mind strategies pristine truth

Video Compilation

The voices of the ego and superego are an illusion in the mind, and yet they can consume our attention and direct our choices in life. Their often-tortured opposition to each other gives rise to a myriad of strategies and battles in the mind.

In this compilation Gangaji supports you in identifying the false voices of ego and superego. When examined with discriminating wisdom, both the inflated and the deflated ego serve to reveal the pristine truth that is untouched by the conditioned mind. This essential revelation is the gateway to living a life that gives full attention to the truth of being rather than the common perpetuation of the internal and external war of the egos.

Open Mind, Open Heart

Open Mind, Open Heart video- Gangaji Compilation Open Mind, Open Heart

Video Compilation

“There can be this possibility of just dropping the mind in to the depths of not knowing.”

Within each of us there are universes that we struggle to escape or deny. Without resorting to labeling, we can open our hearts, and surrender our full attention to all that has been avoided. In simply stopping the internal war with whatever may be perceived as threatening in any way, we open the inner door of revelation to identity with the whole. In this powerful collection of monologues and interactions, Gangaji supports us in fully meeting our individual and collective “worst” so that we can fully recognize and be true to the eternal presence of home.

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