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GF Video Category: Staff Picks

The Mind's Surrender to Silence

The Mind's Surrender to Silence video- Gangaji Santa Barbara 2001 Surrender to Silence

From Barbara: "Gangaji delivers a penetrating monologue in this video. She challenges and exposes the self-concepts and the mental traps that keep us cycling in suffering. She showed me that surrender is possible, even for me.  I am forever grateful!"

February 4, 2001, Santa Barbara, CA

There is a deeply conditioned habit to imbue certain, particular thoughts with the authority of God. Here Gangaji clearly exposes the workings of the ego, breaking the trance induction of identification with one's thoughts as "reality." She points with laser clarity to what is before, after, and between all thought, to where the mind has no defense against the silent simplicity of it's source.


There is No Formula

There is No Formula video- Gangaji Arlington Virginia There is No Formula

From Cat: "Gangaji's opening monologue brilliantly exposes the inclination of the mind to rely on ideas about how we should live. She points me back to the silent, open, empty intelligence of direct experience."

April 29, 2009, Arlington, VA

Gangaji offers an alternative to living from formulas and "shoulds" in the possibility of life being informed by the silent consciousness that is always here.


Open Mind, Open Heart

Open Mind, Open Heart video- Gangaji Compilation Open Mind, Open Heart

Video Compilation

“There can be this possibility of just dropping the mind in to the depths of not knowing.”

Within each of us there are universes that we struggle to escape or deny. Without resorting to labeling, we can open our hearts, and surrender our full attention to all that has been avoided. In simply stopping the internal war with whatever may be perceived as threatening in any way, we open the inner door of revelation to identity with the whole. In this powerful collection of monologues and interactions, Gangaji supports us in fully meeting our individual and collective “worst” so that we can fully recognize and be true to the eternal presence of home.

This video is also available on the Event Recordings tab as an individual purchase.

Self Inquiry: Falling Into Yourself

Self Inquiry: Falling Into Yourself

From Barbara: "I could watch these rich exchanges over and over again. If you have want to appreciate the possibility of self-inquiry, this is a great video to watch."

"To consciously rest is to be at home. To be at home is to be naked to yourself. Self-inquiry is always an invitation home, an invitation to yourself."

The invitation to Self-Inquiry is the very core of Gangaji’s teachings, the living truth that was shared by her teacher and her teacher’s teacher. In this powerful selection of monologues and interactions we are reminded of the capacity we have as human beings to self reflect, to put aside assumptions and elaborations and taste reality directly. Self-Inquiry, Gangaji tells us, is about interrupting our natural instinct to follow the outward flow of thinking and shift that attention back toward the source. This requires the ruthless surrender to face what we have been avoiding, but the result is radical good news. The realizable good news of the Truth of who you are.

Returning to the Garden

Returning to the Garden video- Gangaji boulder colorado meeting psychological wounds

June 23, 1997
Boulder, CO

In this gem from the archives, Gangaji points us directly to the root of malevolence and wrong-doing (our deep-seated belief in separation), and the secret of the "return." Also explored is our cultural obsession with the processing of psychological wounds, and the limitation of that in realizing true and lasting freedom.

"In the myth of the Garden of Eden, there is a partaking of knowledge, a partaking of the power of the mind. The result of that power is the felt need to scramble and search to return home again."

“This video has always moved me deeply, particularly because of one clear and poignant letter Gangaji reads and responds to that speaks on the topics of malevolence, redemption, and radical inclusion. No separation!”–Shanti Einolander


Meeting the Enemy

Meeting the Enemy

From Barbara: "An extraordinary story of victim and perpetrator meeting in truth. I was grateful to be present at this meeting when it happened, and love watching it again on video. This was an opportunity for me to take in the true meaning of "regardless of the circumstances."

May 13, 2001 AM, Boulder, CO