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Is the Living Truth a Lifestyle?

Is the Living Truth a Lifestyle? video- Mill Valley 2018 retreat Is Living Truth a Lifestyle?

Mill Valley, CA, March 18, 2018

In this video Gangaji speaks to one of the greatest obstacles to discovering the truth of who we are: the tendency to downplay or trivialize our own yearning. One of the common ways we do this is by trying to fit the truth into a lifestyle choice, a list of should’s and should not’s, and then believing that this will somehow lead us to the jewel of self-realization. Here she debunks those myths while pointing the way directly home.

“The discovery of the truth of who you are has nothing to do with the way you dress or eat or speak. It is a much simpler discovery, yet not necessarily an easy one. It is the challenge of a lifetime.”

When All Strategies Fail

When All Strategies Fail

October 17, 1999

Marin County, CA

One of the biggest obstacles to awakening is the reliance on strategies of mind to help you get there. Gangaji clearly exposes that no mental strategy is appropriate for discovering the truth of yourself, because in truth, you are never separate from yourself. Here "all strategies are rendered useless, and you are thrown naked into the ocean of yourself, the totality of being."

The Powers of Memory and Projection

The Powers of Memory and Projection

From Barbara: "A beautiful, laser-like monologue opens this meeting. What I love in particular is diving into facing what we think we cannot face."

March 16, 2000, Marin County, CA

Gangaji explains how the powers of memory and projection serve to continually create an imagined self. In our fascination with these powers, the truth of pure consciousness commonly gets overlooked. Here Gangaji offers the opportunity to penetrate all illusory powers of mind, and to recognize permanant, formless presence of being, untouched by any power.

Immovable Resolve

Immovable Resolve video- Gangaji Immovable Resolve San Diego Video

From Cat: "Immovable Resolve has always been a favorite. The third interaction in this video has an extraordinarily clear exploration of the mechanisms involved in the addiction to certain thought patterns, and the resolve to see the truth that reveals true freedom. Always fresh, blows my mind wide open every time I see it."

January 18, 2001

San Diego, CA

Gangaji addresses the addiction to old, out-dated habits of mind that keep us in bondage to the lie of who we think we are, rather than trusting the vast simplicity of presence we truly know ourselves to be. She helps us to see that re-identification with old patterns is the result of many little choices, all within our control. The simple medicine is conscious awareness and total, effortless resolve.

The Mind's Surrender to Silence

The Mind's Surrender to Silence video- Gangaji Santa Barbara 2001 Surrender to Silence

From Barbara: "Gangaji delivers a penetrating monologue in this video. She challenges and exposes the self-concepts and the mental traps that keep us cycling in suffering. She showed me that surrender is possible, even for me.  I am forever grateful!"

February 4, 2001, Santa Barbara, CA

There is a deeply conditioned habit to imbue certain, particular thoughts with the authority of God. Here Gangaji clearly exposes the workings of the ego, breaking the trance induction of identification with one's thoughts as "reality." She points with laser clarity to what is before, after, and between all thought, to where the mind has no defense against the silent simplicity of it's source.


There is No Formula

There is No Formula video- Gangaji Arlington Virginia There is No Formula

From Cat: "Gangaji's opening monologue brilliantly exposes the inclination of the mind to rely on ideas about how we should live. She points me back to the silent, open, empty intelligence of direct experience."

April 29, 2009, Arlington, VA

Gangaji offers an alternative to living from formulas and "shoulds" in the possibility of life being informed by the silent consciousness that is always here.


Open Mind, Open Heart

Open Mind, Open Heart video- Gangaji Compilation Open Mind, Open Heart

Video Compilation

“There can be this possibility of just dropping the mind in to the depths of not knowing.”

Within each of us there are universes that we struggle to escape or deny. Without resorting to labeling, we can open our hearts, and surrender our full attention to all that has been avoided. In simply stopping the internal war with whatever may be perceived as threatening in any way, we open the inner door of revelation to identity with the whole. In this powerful collection of monologues and interactions, Gangaji supports us in fully meeting our individual and collective “worst” so that we can fully recognize and be true to the eternal presence of home.

This video is also available on the Event Recordings tab as an individual purchase.

Beyond Practice

Beyond Practice video- Gangaji compilation meditation peace hindrance

From Harriet: "More than 15 years ago my mother sent me this video as a Christmas present. It took me several months to summon up the courage to watch it, but when I finally heard Gangaji speak about "the desire for true freedom that arises in certain lifetimes", I knew immediately that I had found what I'd spent my whole life passionately searching for. I simply wasn’t looking any more. I was found."

Video Compilation

Ironically, a spiritual practice can become the obstacle to self-realization. In this compilation Gangaji addresses the topics of meditation and practice, when they are useful and when they are a hindrance. Her invitation is to stop every effort toward what you think will give you truth and peace so that truth and peace can naturally reveal themselves in your heart.


Laughing All the Way Home

Laughing All the Way Home video- Compilation Gangaji events funny spirituality jokes heartfelt

Video Compilation

From heartfelt reports to songs and jokes, this compilation from meetings with Gangaji offers spontaneity, warmth, and the opportunity to experience the joy of laughter. True laughter is transcendent of life’s limitations and opens the door to the deeper seeing of one’s true self.

From Rich:

"Pure joy!"

Spiritual Traps

Spiritual Traps

From Barbara: "Getting flipped on the mat over and over again watching this video!"

Video Compilation

The mind thinks in terms of exclusion: This is good and that is bad; I want this and I don’t want that; in order to be spiritual, I should feel that and not this. The mind is even capable of believing in the concept of no-mind, and launching a battle to exclude thought. In this compilation of meetings and conversations, Gangaji invites us to set aside all spiritual beliefs and discover what is already here, already known, deeper and closer than any memory or imagination.