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Living an Uncommon Ordinary Life

Living an Uncommon Ordinary Life

The accumulations of higher status, material objects or better spiritual identities are common ways we use our life force. But these temporary accumulation don't bring us lasting peace and fulfillment. In the wake of realizing the truth of who you are, here is a question you can ask: what does my life stand for? The uncommon possibility is to let your life be used by awakening, to live an uncommon, ordinary life.

Give Up the Story of Me

Give Up the Story of Me

Boulder, CO
August 18, 1993

From Shanti: “I find this video quintessential Gangaji, representing so clearly through each interaction the core teaching of Ramana.”

We are deeply conditioned to believe that our thoughts and bodily sensations define the reality of who we are. In this classic video from the archives Gangaji assists each participant in the deconstruction of what holds these mistaken identities in place. What follows is the natural revelation of a peace that is present now, unmoving and untouched by any story of “me.”

“In the instant of recognizing the story as a fabrication, where is its existence, ever? The story may reappear, but it can never again reappear as master. It’s been discovered to be nothing but a fabrication … the emperor’s new clothes.”

Awaken to Your Nature

Awaken to Your Nature

Mullumbimby, Australia, November 9, 2018

In this video from Mulumbimby, Gangaji welcomes the community into a most intimate meeting in the revelation of your true nature as absolute peace, freedom, and love. Many beautiful interactions unfold as each person takes a dive into their real nature and accepts the challenge of living from that source, rather than from past conditioning.

“We love nature, we are nourished by nature, but we forget that nature is here always as our own beingness. When you recognize your own nature, just as in nature, you are filled with the mystery and the wonder and the incomprehensible beauty of that. It’s time. It’s time for you to awaken to your nature.”

Living the Razor's Edge

Living the Razor's Edge video- Gangaji eyes to the side

San Rafael, CA, August 16, 2018 AM

What does it mean to be free? Does it mean the freedom to always do what you want? Here Gangaji unpacks our conditioned concepts of freedom and illustrates how the desire to follow every impulse can actually become our bondage, especially when those impulses are unconsciously rooted in self-denial and self-hatred.

“The realization of freedom asks that you live on a razor’s edge. When you are really living on that edge, there is only freedom. This edge requires an emptiness of mind in order to stay balanced; and the way that many spiritual seekers fall off that edge and cut themselves is the trap of freely following every impulse of mind, including, inadvertently, the super ego’s impulse toward self-hatred.”

Don't Go To The Darkside

Don't Go To The Darkside video- Gangaji and young man with ponytail

From Harriet: I was lucky enough to be present at this lively meeting in a beautiful Yogananda Temple in Palo Alto. I was moved by the directness of all the questions and the willingness to tread the razor's edge of truth amid the despair so many feel in our current times.

October 17, 2018, Palo Alto, CA


Free of Understanding

Free of Understanding video- Gangaji Ashland 2018 Event

Ashland, OR, March 31, 2018

Is any “veil,” any perceived obstacle to the truth of yourself, a reality? Really? Is this truth something that can be understood with the mind? In this video Gangaji invites you to fall back into what is prior to understanding. “Then,” she promises, “understanding will follow your direct experience, rather than trying to get understanding to generate or create your experience.”

“You are always free. It’s only the conditioning you have accepted that veils this freedom. That conditioning is not a problem, because in reality it has no substance. I’m not here to teach you how to part the veil or get rid of the veil, but just for you to see what is free of the veil … and free of your understanding.”

You Know When You're Being True

You Know When You're Being True video- Gangaji speaking in turtleneck

Fallen Leaf Lake, CA, May 24, 2018 AM

What does it mean to “give your life” to your soul’s deepest longing? The thrust of this meeting with Gangaji is two-fold: It’s about the very real possibility of glimpsing the reality of who you truly are; and it’s about the effortless true discipline that makes it possible to give your whole life to what is revealed.

“If you are willing to stop the momentum of your internal dialogue for 1/12th of a second, you will glimpse the reality of who you are. Once you have tasted this reality, you know in the depth of your being when you are being true to that and when you are betraying that. From that moment on, you have choice.”

Take the Bypass

Take the Bypass video- Gangaji smiling with plant behind her

Santa Sabina Retreat, San Rafael, CA, August 16, 2013 PM

If there is personal challenge in your life, and you make the choice to turn your attention instead directly to the truth of your being, are you taking what has been termed the “spiritual bypass? This meeting with Gangaji clears up any confusion about the difference between spiritual overlay and the direct route home to yourself.

"The essence of Papaji’s teaching is to go home immediately. Then, if there is ever a perception of separation between what you are experiencing and who you truly are, you know the way home. You can check the boundary. What is it made of? What, in truth, is already here in the midst of any experience?"

Mountain Range of Illusion

Mountain Range of Illusion video- Gangaji Tyalgum Tops Australia

Tyalgum Tops, Australia, November 23, 1996 AM

How is it possible you can experience what the great mystics have described throughout time? Does it really take decades of spiritual practice for grace to descend and open your mind? In this video Gangaji shares a delightful fable that points to the imminent possibility of your direct realization, here and now, exactly as you are.

“Stop. Be still. See what is already here. Hear what is already seen. However large and treacherous the Mountain Range of Illusion may appear, it remains only the Mountain Range of Illusion. However murky and disgusting the Lake of Misidentity appears, it is only the Lake of Misidentity. The opening, this cave of your heart, is waiting for you. The invitation has been given. You are welcome in.”