Living an Uncommon Ordinary Life

We were in Perth, Australia. It was 2005. The meeting hall felt electric that day. Gangaji began the meeting by inviting those who gathered to ask themselves this essential question—What does my life stand for? Then two more questions followed—Where do I rest? Where do I take nourishment? It was quite a moment that still reverberates in my life. "Not for the faint of heart" as Gangaji said at the time.
Right now, we are experiencing the realities of climate change as many are also confronted with political unrest and war, or perhaps you are facing great personal challenges. It is in these fierce life moments that we are truly tested and can actually recognize the choice before us. What will our lives be about? What will we be true to? And just as importantly, where is support?
While this meeting was recorded many years ago, it remains powerfully relevant today. I am grateful to all those who ensured we would have these archives so we can share them with you!

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