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Taking Responsibility for This Time on Mother Earth

Taking Responsibility for This Time on Mother Earth video- Portland Oregon satsang take responsibility for this precious body

9.27.2014 am

Portland, OR Weekend Session 1

In this moment of deeply meeting, Gangaji leads us to recognize that the urgency to help, to do something in order to fix the world is useless unless we are willing not to add to the suffering. Then we have the opportunity to be used, perhaps in extraordinary ways:  “But really used, fully used.  Not used so you can get some relief from your anger, or your fear or your despair but used because you are here, and you are not distracted by your own internal war.  You aren’t distracted by your own story, the past and the future. And when you aren’t distracted, there is enormous energy, the energy of attention that is freed. . . . There is a power that is unleashed, that none of us has control of, but it’s free. . .    I am inviting you to take responsibility for this presence, this time on Mother Earth, this precious body, this precious incarnation. Not responsibility as a club or a burden or a duty but responsibility as the freed attention that can actually respond, that is free to respond. So, in that sense, the horrors of the world are a catalyst for the world to awaken. But we don’t know about the world. We know about this weekend. We know about each of us in each other’s company, in each other’s consciousness, meeting to deeply inquire: What is true? Who am I?”

Your Story Is The Entry Point

Your Story Is The Entry Point video- Ashland Oregon Gangaji satsang living presence

August 1, 2015

Ashland, OR

Join Gangaji as she facilitates our discovery of the intimacy, grace and blessing of limited human form, and encourages us to meet our story as living presence without the need to change it or transcend it.

“The very substance of all stories is the same peace, alive in the heart of your being. … It’s bigger than this form, and yet, mysteriously, it is in this form you actually discover yourself to be That.  … Let your realization have all stories. Even ‘let’ is a funny word to use, as if you could stop it. That is the edge of directly experiencing the joy and the possibility of this surrender, this ease of being.”

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