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Are You Still Searching for More?

Are You Still Searching for More?

When you have had a glimpse of the unimaginable truth of your being, there is a freshness and innocence that naturally occurs, a wonder and a curiosity of “What is this?” But when you recognize you are looking for more, or you notice with great disappointment that your suffering has returned and you try to get get away from it, then there is a loss of innocence and openness.

The drive for more is part of the human condition. The possibility of inquiry is to stop in the midst of this thrust to get more, whether is it more peace, more knowledge, more experience, or more alleviation from suffering, and ask yourself, “Has stillness gone anywhere? What is always here regardless of what comes or goes?”

When this impulse is fully met, then innocence is no longer naive. It is mature, multi-leveled, and rich, but still pure and still a surprise.

Can you recognize where you are looking for more? What are the mechanisms that drive the impulse to seek for more or different or better?

The Answer is Alive in You

The Answer is Alive in You

“Anything that comes and goes is ultimately not trustworthy. What does not come and go? This is the discovery.
Then trust is really a surrender to telling the truth about what is always here. Then it gets very simple.”

In this clip Gangaji demonstrates that her role in your life is to support you in discovering for yourself that the answer is alive in you. Check and see. As she says, no one can check for you.

To React Is Human

To React Is Human

Ashland, OR
August 4, 2018
Do you sometimes find yourself in emotional reaction to the pain and suffering in the world? In this video Gangaji addresses the pseudo-spiritual viewpoint that if you are truly awake, open, and free, then you won’t react to events. Rather than aspiring to some imagined state where you will have finally arrived at non-reactivity, instead Gangaji affirms the love that is at the root of reaction.
“My invitation is always to take a moment and inquire into the truth. Then any pain you’re experiencing, any emotion, becomes the perfect ground for true inquiry. In your willingness to feel any emotion fully, without the story of how it relates to you personally, there is a possibility to discover that it’s all rooted in love. When you are willing to freshly discover that love, then you are no longer contributing to the misery.”

Give Up the Story of Me

Give Up the Story of Me

Boulder, CO
August 18, 1993

From Shanti: “I find this video quintessential Gangaji, representing so clearly through each interaction the core teaching of Ramana.”

We are deeply conditioned to believe that our thoughts and bodily sensations define the reality of who we are. In this classic video from the archives Gangaji assists each participant in the deconstruction of what holds these mistaken identities in place. What follows is the natural revelation of a peace that is present now, unmoving and untouched by any story of “me.”

“In the instant of recognizing the story as a fabrication, where is its existence, ever? The story may reappear, but it can never again reappear as master. It’s been discovered to be nothing but a fabrication … the emperor’s new clothes.”

Let Your Open Heart Tell the Story

Let Your Open Heart Tell the Story Video thumbnail Gangaji side vide smiling

San Rafael, CA
August 17, 2018 PM

What is it that formulates the story of “you”? Is it your physical health, your mental health, or some memory of who you have been in the past? Many people feel that all of this and more keeps them from the truth of who they really are. Some believe that their heart has simply not opened enough. Here Gangaji supports us in discovering what is always open, what can never be closed, what needs no story to prove or disprove its existence, what is in fact always you.

“Throw out the concept that your heart can open and close. Your heart is already open. It’s the mind that opens and closes. Turn your mind to your open heart so that the mind can meet its source. Then your heart can tell the story of who you are.”

Your Story Cannot Be Trusted

Your Story Cannot Be Trusted video- Story cannot be trusted Gangaji video marin county


Marin County, CA

The common misidentification is that you are what you think, feel, or experience yourself to be. From that basic lie, life is then lived completely engrossed in constantly shifting “stories,” all the while overlooking the permanent reality of your being. Here Gangaji invites you to “tell the truth.” When the story is freely exposed, then the joy of what is deeper than any relative experience is free to be fully realized.

Meeting the Enemy

Meeting the Enemy

From Barbara: “An extraordinary story of victim and perpetrator meeting in truth. I was grateful to be present at this meeting when it happened, and love watching it again on video. This was an opportunity for me to take in the true meaning of “regardless of the circumstances.”

May 13, 2001 AM, Boulder, CO


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