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GF Topic: The Story of Me

Is Awakening for You?

Is Awakening for You?

September 26, 1999
Marin County, CA

In this video, Gangaji debunks the myth that only rare and special ones can realize the truth. Through each interaction, Gangaji cuts through perceived obstacles such as physical illness, childhood trauma, fear of death, the question of freewill, and so much more, to reveal that awakening is available for everyone.

“The willingness, the commitment, the resolve to discover what cannot be known by the mind must be huge, but it is always available to everyone. Certainly, anyone who feels the call and who is somehow touched by a longing for the deepest truth.”

Our Relationship to Change

Our Relationship to Change Change

Gangaji speaks about how we try to keep peace and freedom, or the things we like about ourselves, and try to change what we don't like. She examines what is underneath our desire to change or keep anything, the freedom that is life—naturally, effortlessly, changelessly. Recorded February 11, 2007, in San Rafael, CA.

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