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GF Topic: The Search

Is Awakening for You?

Is Awakening for You?

September 26, 1999
Marin County, CA

In this video, Gangaji debunks the myth that only rare and special ones can realize the truth. Through each interaction, Gangaji cuts through perceived obstacles such as physical illness, childhood trauma, fear of death, the question of freewill, and so much more, to reveal that awakening is available for everyone.

“The willingness, the commitment, the resolve to discover what cannot be known by the mind must be huge, but it is always available to everyone. Certainly, anyone who feels the call and who is somehow touched by a longing for the deepest truth.”

Our Relationship to Change

Our Relationship to Change Change

Gangaji speaks about how we try to keep peace and freedom, or the things we like about ourselves, and try to change what we don't like. She examines what is underneath our desire to change or keep anything, the freedom that is life—naturally, effortlessly, changelessly. Recorded February 11, 2007, in San Rafael, CA.

Join Gangaji January 17, 2021 for a conversation about our relationship to change. Learn more

The Silent Refuge in the Midst of the Storm

The Silent Refuge in the Midst of the Storm Silent Refuge

In this clip Gangaji points to the silent refuge, the space within each of us, that is present regardless of our circumstances. Whether a literal storm is raging around us, or a global disaster, our human tendency is to miss what is untouched by what might get better or worse. Recorded in 2009, Gangaji goes on to talk about the global financial crisis that rocked the world at that time, and the prevailing fears that it would get worse. It's a prescient call to take refuge in what is never affected by circumstances that resonates deeply with our times.

Where is the Buddha? Papaji's Final Teaching

Where is the Buddha? Papaji's Final Teaching Where is the Buddha

In this clip, from a meeting that took place a few days after Papaji's death, Gangaji shares the last teaching that he gave from his deathbed. Fiercely, furiously, he asked each one of his devotees in the room, this very essential question that is really the root of all his teaching. "Where is the Buddha?" You could substitute Peace, God, Truth. Where is Peace? Where is Truth? Where is God? Finally, where is Life itself? Where is Life to be found? Where is the Buddha to be found? In the understanding of the Buddha, there is a reconciliation of all apparent opposing forms. Where is That which you are seeking?


The Simple Truth About Lasting Fulfillment

The Simple Truth About Lasting Fulfillment Lasting Fulfillment - Gangaji in front of mic


Santa Monica, California

Is there a secret to discovering true and lasting fulfillment, here and now and forevermore? Gangaji shares her experience of her teacher’s astonishingly simple instruction that revealed the truth of lasting fulfillment.

“It’s so simple!  I was always considering: what can I get here, what can I keep here, or what can I keep away from here.  When he said find out what is already and always here.  It was shocking to me.” 

Discover for yourself the fulfillment that is always here, no matter what comes and goes.

Stop Trying To Fix Yourself

Stop Trying To Fix Yourself

“If you think you have to fix yourself to come home to yourself, I’m telling you this is not true. It’s a dangerous lie that will cause you to suffer unnecessarily. When suffering becomes your business, your allegiance to it steals your lifeblood and whatever time you have left.”

Are you aware of the mental habits that cause you suffering? Especially the habit of trying to “fix” yourself? Gangaji asks us to stop trying to fix what will always be subject to change, to put down the burden of business as usual, and discover the capacity we have to meet it all. Whether you see yourself as the victim or the perpetrator in your own story of suffering, you can stop trying to fix it. You can say “Ha! I quit!”

What Are You Telling Yourself?

What Are You Telling Yourself?

In this clip Gangaji stop's someone in the midst of her story of me to ask, "Is the innocence that was present when you were a child still here." The surprising and fresh answer is "Yes." Gangaji give us the permission to stop following the flow of conditioning and take one twelfth of a second to discover, in an instant, what is here. Consciousness is present, aware of itself, overflowing a joy.

Yes That Is It!

Yes That Is It!

How do you cross the line into doubtless self-confirmation of the truth of your being? How does self-doubt, which Ramana called "the last obstacle," appear? Can you live with all the ups and downs of being human and still be conscious of, and nurtured by, the truth of who you are? Yes!

In this clip a young woman reports on her direct experience of truth and Gangaji delightedly confirms that experience.  When we are free to treasure such a moment, without objectifying it, and to live freely in the fullness of surrender, then how is life lived? As Gangaji says, "See what this life is drawn to... follow the heart... live the heart."