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Zen Daughter

Zen Daughter video- San Diego satsang enlightenment is a concept of the mind


San Diego, California

“Enlightenment is a concept of the mind. Once enlightenment is experienced, then you are free to realize who you truly are, which is absolutely untouched by any concept of mind.”

Answering questions concerning right livelihood and right relationship, Gangaji exposes the common mental conditioning which obscures one’s day to day experience of truth.

The Spin into Hell

The Spin into Hell video- Santa Fe New Mexico Don't Give Thoughts Power

October 16, 1994

Santa Fe, NM

“Don’t give your thoughts the power of either mystery or finality”

This meeting reveals the suffering inherent in the belief that one’s thoughts are the final reality. Gangaji exposes the tricks of the mind and speaks of the fearless resolve required to be true to the truth of one’s self.

Let Your Attention Serve Love

Let Your Attention Serve Love video- San Diego be used in service of love

January 27, 2000

San Diego, CA

All you really have is your attention. What is your life’s attention in service to? When the open mind is turned toward the force and presence of eternal love, then it is possible to realize yourself to be that love. Gangaji encourages you to make that final choice: To let your mind, your life, your experience, and your learning be used in service to the truth of who you are.

“To choose to have your mind, your life, your capabilities be used in service of love, this is rare. This is not a casual declaration. Yet it is so simple. Love is simply a reflection now of what is inside you.”

Are You Willing to Have No Beliefs?

Are You Willing to Have No Beliefs? video- Gangaji satsang santa monica not needing anything

November 16, 2014 AM

Santa Monica, CA

“I have discovered the bliss, the freedom of not needing to have anything. My body needs things. My emotions need; my mind needs rest, stimulation, all of that. But who I am – life – doesn’t even need life.  And it’s alive in you now, if you are willing to penetrate the trance.”

In this Meeting Gangaji emphasizes that opening to the depths of an emotion, such as fear, does not require analysis or processing, since it is not a conceptual experience. In order to drop into the core, we have to be willing to lose control of the narrative, to lose control of the dialogue, to give up managing reality. Gangaji challenges us to be consciously willing to not figure things out, to nurture the freshness of not knowing, in order to awaken from the trance of who we think we are.

Addiction to the Non-Existent Problem

Addiction to the Non-Existent Problem video- Maui Hawaii stopping struggle against life Gangaji meeting

February 10, 1996 Maui, HI

“In the instant of simply stopping the struggle against life, there is fulfillment, mystery, grace, and ease.”

An examination of the human experience and the so-called demands of the world. To anyone who feels pulled or coerced by society, Gangaji transmits the wisdom and ease of simply being in the world as who one naturally is.

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