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Give Up the Story of Me

Give Up the Story of Me

Boulder, CO
August 18, 1993

From Shanti: “I find this video quintessential Gangaji, representing so clearly through each interaction the core teaching of Ramana.”

We are deeply conditioned to believe that our thoughts and bodily sensations define the reality of who we are. In this classic video from the archives Gangaji assists each participant in the deconstruction of what holds these mistaken identities in place. What follows is the natural revelation of a peace that is present now, unmoving and untouched by any story of “me.”

“In the instant of recognizing the story as a fabrication, where is its existence, ever? The story may reappear, but it can never again reappear as master. It’s been discovered to be nothing but a fabrication … the emperor’s new clothes.”

Free of Understanding

Free of Understanding video- Gangaji Ashland 2018 Event

Ashland, OR, March 31, 2018

Is any “veil,” any perceived obstacle to the truth of yourself, a reality? Really? Is this truth something that can be understood with the mind? In this video Gangaji invites you to fall back into what is prior to understanding. “Then,” she promises, “understanding will follow your direct experience, rather than trying to get understanding to generate or create your experience.”

“You are always free. It’s only the conditioning you have accepted that veils this freedom. That conditioning is not a problem, because in reality it has no substance. I’m not here to teach you how to part the veil or get rid of the veil, but just for you to see what is free of the veil … and free of your understanding.”

The Right Use of the Mind

The Right Use of the Mind video- fallen leaf may 31 2017 retreat at lake tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake, CA

May 31, 2017

In this video Gangaji answers these common questions: Is self-inquiry a practice? Is it a practice of the mind? When it comes to the realization of truth, she says, the mature mind recognizes its limitations. She affirms we have full capacity to surrender the thinking mind to pure intelligence.

“First, there arises in our minds and in our hearts a deep desire to know the truth. Then, of course, we do what we know to do; we try to figure that out. Finally you reach a precipice where you have the intelligence and the honesty and the self-respect to tell the truth: ‘Oh I can’t get to it through my mind.’ That’s the right use of the mind. Then the truth gets you, as it’s always had you.

Untouched by Any Power

Untouched by Any Power video- Gangaji untouched by any power compilation monologues

Video Compilation

There are many powers within the human capacity, but the power that particularly captivates and entangles us is the power of our mind. In this selection of monologues and interactions, Gangaji helps to expose the common strategies of the mind’s power employed for comfort and survival: possession, denial, memory, and projection. While these powers may be at times appropriate for our relative existence, she clearly illustrates how they cannot deliver the indestructible peace and fulfillment that is untouched by any power.

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