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At Peace in the Unknown

At Peace in the Unknown

October 24, 2001
Ashland, OR

At this moment in time there are huge and apparent unknowns—politically, culturally, and globally—just as was true when this meeting with Gangaji occurred six weeks after 9/11. In this video, Gangaji encourages us to “take that unknown-ness in, and recognize the indefinable fulfillment that is unknowable.”

“In any moment of facing the unknown, you can simply stop, be still, and open your mind lucidly to the fears you have kept covered, just out of sight. Then when you speak with someone who agrees with you or disagrees with you, there is something deeper you are bringing to the table. There is something alive that welcomes all, and knows itself as all.”

A Deeper Yes

A Deeper Yes

July 13, 2002, Rohnert Park, CA

For the last thirty years Gangaji has been extending the invitation to all who are ready and willing to hear it, to meet yourself truly in the core of your being. No matter how deeply you think you have heard her invitation in the past, or how many times you think you have met yourself, in this video she promises that each time you say “yes,” you will meet yourself freshly, and ever more infinitely. Are you ready for a deeper yes?

“At some point, somewhere, you will hear this invitation in a way that you say “yes” irrevocably. It is possible that time is now. Let us see …”

The Secret of Surrender

The Secret of Surrender Secret of Surrender

A clip from Gangaji’s August Public Meeting. A man reports on his experience of true surrender, in Gangaj’s words, “the most ruthless act of a lifetime.” In the willingness to surrender he found peace. Gangaji goes on to speak about the humbling of these times, and the shock we receive when something, like a pandemic, humbles us and reveals the freshness of life.

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