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GF Topic: Self-Inquiry

The Paradox Is Not The Problem

The Paradox Is Not The Problem The Paradox is not the Problem

August 19, 2001, San Rafael, CA

In this video Gangaji addresses these age-old paradoxes: If there is a benevolent, intelligent God, how can there be so much suffering in the world? Do we have a choice or is it choiceless? Is enlightenment or realization the ideal that eliminates paradox?

“There is a great shift that occurs in consciousness in a moment of grace, whereby the mystery of life, the unbearable paradoxical nature of reality, is joyous rather than tormenting. Whereby in the midst of horrifying ugliness ca-n be revealed limitless beauty. In the midst of profound stupidity, there can still be intelligence.”

Falling Into What Does Not Change

Falling Into What Does Not Change Falling into what does not change

May 11, 2002 PM, Boulder, CO

Whatever apparent changes you may be facing in life, it is possible to discover the immense relief in letting go the choice to run. This video features a powerful exchange about facing a major surgery, the pain of recovery, and everything the mind imagines that change might bring. The wisdom that pours forth exemplifies how life itself reveals the deepening into what never changes.

“As you surrender, as you let yourself fall into the experience completely, it is possible to recognize that the Life inherent in the falling is unmoving. There is really no cliff, no jumper, no falling, no faller. There is only the present presence of You, eternal and unchanging.”


Immeasurable Opening

Immeasurable Opening Living Freedom

July 14, 2002, Rohnert Park, CA

In Immeasurable Opening, Gangaji points to the radical simplicity of the open mind. Whatever your question may be, whatever the challenging circumstance, Gangaji suggests that the answer is to open and see directly for yourself that simply opening is forever the resolution. Are you willing to simply open?

“I’m speaking of a deep, profound, radical simplicity, a deepening beyond any possibility of measurement. Simply opening is not simplistic, nor is it abstract. It is very concrete to every moment in your life.”


Living Freedom

Living Freedom Living Freedom

September 28, 2020 - Online Public Meeting Hosted by Alternatives, St James Church of London

Gangaji begins this global meeting in absolute gratitude that it’s even possible for us to meet on Zoom in these unique times of Covid-19. The conversations that follow point ever deeper to what it means to live a life in true freedom, no matter our external circumstances, no matter our internal challenges.

“Many times we try to rearrange our circumstances to get to peace and freedom. This meeting is an invitation to discover that the freedom we long for is always here—the spaciousness, the mystery, the beingness that is free, that is love, that is peace in its heart, is here.”

How Far Are You From Home

How Far Are You From Home

In this exchange from 2002, Gangaji tells a story that Papaji used to tell about little children being lost in the woods.  After wondering all day down wrong paths and going in circles, they finally find their way home.  Then the next day when they go out, it’s not so hard for them to find their path home.  And the day after that, they can even go beyond the woods, and it’s quite easy to find where home is.  They don't have to think, “Oh that tree, this tree, that tree, this tree.”  Just, “Home.”

The Dance of Inflation and Deflation

The Dance of Inflation and Deflation Inflation Deflation

January 13, 2002, Marin County, CA

In this video Gangaji lays out the egoic experiences of inflation and deflation in the search for truth. Often it can feel like you “get it” and then you “lose it,” all the while never questioning who? Who is it that gets it and loses it? Who are you? Here Gangaji illustrates how it is imminently possible not to think yourself but to simply be yourself. And in that being is the answer to who.

“All that the inflated ego can hold is a thought of the truth, a thought of peace, a thought of who one is. This is a huge thought, and it even points to reality, but it remains a thought. In our meeting I invite you to give up both deflation and inflation, and recognize yourself as the pure consciousness that holds it all.”

Refuge from the Storm

Refuge from the Storm Refuge from the Storm

February 15, 2009, San Rafael, CA

When there is a storm of challenging circumstances raging around you, do you know where to take refuge? In this meeting Gangaji encourages the recognition that no matter how challenging circumstances may be, it is always possible to find that refuge that is always present deep within: Silence.

“Silence is love. Silence is peace. Silent awareness is who you are. Your body, your history, the events of your life, are appearing in that, yet the silence remains at peace, in love and conscious of itself. A silence filled with so much of itself that there is nothing else.”

A Life in Avoidance of Hurt

A Life in Avoidance of Hurt Avoidance of Hurt - Gangaji Smiling Holding Letter April 25, 1999 ~ Marysville, Australia

April 25, 1999 PM ~ Marysville, Australia

Everyone has experienced some measure of pain and hurt, but do you want to live your life in fear that? In this video from the archives, Gangaji takes us on an exploration into our common defense mechanisms to avoid being hurt, the cost of which is living a life free to love without restraint.

“If the preciousness of life is being lived in avoidance of hurt, the result is a dead life filled with unnecessary suffering.”