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From Prison to Unconditional Love

From Prison to Unconditional Love

In this clip Kenny Johnson, who met Gangaji when he was in prison more than 25 years ago, talks about the experience of leaving the prison yard and being received into the unconditional love of Gangaji's community. This community is now exploring ways to expand Gangaji's prison program to nurture not only those in prison but those released into the world, often without the necessary skills to handle an ordinary life, let alone a life of love.

I Am A Changed Man

I Am A Changed Man Prison Bars Freedom Inside

Part of an interview with a member of Gangaji’s Prison Program. Karlis Williams first heard about Freedom Inside and the Gangaji Foundation Prison Correspondence program when he was in a Maximum security prison in Arkansas. He’s now out of prison and has been able to attend several retreats with Gangaji through the scholarship program.

Freedom In Prison – Spanish Subtitles

Freedom In Prison – Spanish Subtitles video- Gangaji retreat Freedom In Prison - Spanish Subtitles

La libertad y paz verdaderas son aquellas que viven en el centro de cada corazón humano. Libertad es lo que eres. Este DVD presenta a Gangaji y sus enseñanzas e introduce a tres hombres que despertaron a la libertad verdadera estando en prision. Cada uno de estos hombres realizaron lo que esta mas allá de las circunstancias personales. A través del reconocimiento de quien es uno verdaderamente, ellos experimentaron directamente que ninguna situación puede obstaculizar a la libertad.

Freedom in Prison

Freedom in Prison

Video Complilation

True freedom and peace are that which abide in the core of every human heart. Freedom is who you are. This DVD presents Gangaji and her teachings, and introduces three men who awakened to true freedom while in prison. Each of these men came to realize what lies beyond personal circumstance. Through the recognition of who one truly is, they directly experienced that no situation can get in the way of freedom.

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