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GF Topic: Love and Devotion

Great Love

Great Love

April 10, 1995,
Boulder, CO

This meeting was pulled from the archives by special request, the central topics being “love” and “desire.” Here is an opportunity to dive directly into the deepest recesses of your own heart and to inquire: Is love something that can be gained? Can love ever truly be lost? Ultimately, as Gangaji invites us to here, the greatest surrender of all is to the great love that is always present, the love that you already are.

“We have either been very afraid of our desires or we have been very in love with them. But if you will simply dive into the very core of desire itself, you will discover the limitless, boundaryless bliss of being—the actual source of love.”

Love Will Not Be Held Back

Love Will Not Be Held Back Love will not be held back

November 19, 2000 AM, Maui, Hawaii

As human beings, with our innate and huge capacity to love, we naturally project that love outside ourselves onto the teacher, the lover, the child, another. But is it possible that in assigning love to another we somehow inadvertently exclude ourselves from love? The conversations in this beautiful meeting from the archives focus primarily on the topics of love and the true meaning of devotion.

Sometimes we imagine it is safer to love someone other than who we think we are. This is the story of separation: ‘What I love is not myself.’ But if you are to love fully and completely, you will never find yourself separate from that love. Love is consciousness. Love is peace. Love is who you are.


Surrendering to Love

Surrendering to Love
Our hearts have been broken. And they will be broken. The more you surrender to love the more your heart will be broken. It's not like your heart gets unbroken over and over. No. Broken. More and deeper. And there will be pain. So what? If your life is about protection from pain, your life is about suffering. I love. I, love. I love. What freedom!