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The Silent Refuge in the Midst of the Storm

The Silent Refuge in the Midst of the Storm Silent Refuge

In this clip Gangaji points to the silent refuge, the space within each of us, that is present regardless of our circumstances. Whether a literal storm is raging around us, or a global disaster, our human tendency is to miss what is untouched by what might get better or worse. Recorded in 2009, Gangaji goes on to talk about the global financial crisis that rocked the world at that time, and the prevailing fears that it would get worse. It’s a prescient call to take refuge in what is never affected by circumstances that resonates deeply with our times.

Where is the Buddha? Papaji’s Final Teaching

Where is the Buddha? Papaji’s Final Teaching Where is the Buddha

In this clip, from a meeting that took place a few days after Papaji’s death, Gangaji shares the last teaching that he gave from his deathbed. Fiercely, furiously, he asked each one of his devotees in the room, this very essential question that is really the root of all his teaching. “Where is the Buddha?” You could substitute Peace, God, Truth. Where is Peace? Where is Truth? Where is God? Finally, where is Life itself? Where is Life to be found? Where is the Buddha to be found? In the understanding of the Buddha, there is a reconciliation of all apparent opposing forms. Where is That which you are seeking?


Facing Death Now

Facing Death Now

This is Gangaji’s direct invitation to each of us, now, in this moment, to die. The body will die sometime. That is a guarantee of birth. But the opportunity is to die before the body dies. And in that death to tell the truth about who you are.

We don’t have to wait for the death of the body to die free. Right now, are you willing to stop for one moment and die? It just takes one instant. Gangaji is offering her assistance!

Bas! Enough!

Bas! Enough!

If you are suffering, there is still some story that you are a victim. Are you willing to just say enough? To simply call it off? Papaji’s last word’s were “Bas!” (Enough). No one can end it but you. You are free to suffer and you are free to stop suffering.


The Burning of Illusion

The Burning of Illusion

“We have become enamored with our spiritual search. It serves a crucial purpose as it awakens the heart. Yet if it becomes the object of our infatuation, it is a relentless obstacle. Give it up! Give up your search for awakening, give up your search for love, give up your search for yourself for one instant, and see what is found.”

If you have been graced with a glimpse of reality, can you honestly say that you did something for it? Can you say with certainty that you can command its return? Gangaji reminds us that this is the joke! You have never been separate from this. What you have been searching for is already here, realizing itself in you.

The full version of this video is available in Gangaji’s Video Library

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