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At Peace in the Unknown

At Peace in the Unknown

October 24, 2001
Ashland, OR

At this moment in time there are huge and apparent unknowns—politically, culturally, and globally—just as was true when this meeting with Gangaji occurred six weeks after 9/11. In this video, Gangaji encourages us to “take that unknown-ness in, and recognize the indefinable fulfillment that is unknowable.”

“In any moment of facing the unknown, you can simply stop, be still, and open your mind lucidly to the fears you have kept covered, just out of sight. Then when you speak with someone who agrees with you or disagrees with you, there is something deeper you are bringing to the table. There is something alive that welcomes all, and knows itself as all.”

The Maturity of Letting Go

The Maturity of Letting Go

May 18, 1997, Boulder, Colorado

What does it feel like to want to support? What does it feel like to want to control? In this video Gangaji makes a clear distinction between the joy of supporting ourselves and others and the misery of believing we can control. She speaks of letting go of control as the mark of spiritual maturity and invites you to catch fire in the joy and the peace of simply letting go.

“Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with how many years you’ve prayed, how many years you’ve practiced or not practiced, how many years you have been good or bad. At the most basic level, spiritual maturity is the realization that you are not in control.” 

Control and Surrender

Control and Surrender

Recorded on January 10, 2009, in San Diego, CA,  Gangaji asks, how will you liberate your mind? How do you surrender control? How do you take responsibility for your own liberation from the control of the mind? On Sunday, February 21, Gangaji will lead a live online meeting on the subject of Control vs. Responsibility. Learn More

Letting Go of Control

Letting Go of Control Letting Go of Control

Recorded in September 2007 at the Omega institute, this conversation dives into the emotions we encounter and the mental constructs we run into when we start to really let go of control. With humor and delight, Gangaji guides the conversation under all judgments or attempts to control thought patterns or circumstances, into a free fall into the unknown. On Sunday, February 21 Gangaji will lead a live online meeting on the subject of Control vs. Responsibility. Learn More

Who Gets Enlightened?

Who Gets Enlightened? Who Gets Enlightened

October 18, 1997 PM, Asheville, NC

In this video from the archives, Gangaji clears up any confusion that a “someone” can go out and “get” enlightenment. The question is: Is it you that realizes the truth of consciousnessor is it that consciousness realizes itself in you?

“The personal is a set of clothes that is taken to be real. In taking it to be real, life is then experienced as relative to that set of clothes. It is believed that there is a lower self and a higher self, a little self and a big self, and this is the illusion. Finally, consciousness recognizes itself as free of it all. Free to play in the illusion, free to be free of the illusion. Free.”


What do we want to keep? What do we try to change?

What do we want to keep? What do we try to change? Change

February 11, 2007, San Rafael, CA

In this meeting, Gangaji speaks about how we try to keep peace and freedom, or the things we like about ourselves, and try to change what we don’t like. She examines what is underneath our desire to change or keep anything, the freedom that is life—naturally, effortlessly, changelessly. The video includes an inquiry exercise into the question: “What do you want to not change.

For more on this topic, you can join Gangaji for a live meeting on January 17, 2021, about our relationship to change. Learn more

Falling Into What Does Not Change

Falling Into What Does Not Change Falling into what does not change

May 11, 2002 PM, Boulder, CO

Whatever apparent changes you may be facing in life, it is possible to discover the immense relief in letting go the choice to run. This video features a powerful exchange about facing a major surgery, the pain of recovery, and everything the mind imagines that change might bring. The wisdom that pours forth exemplifies how life itself reveals the deepening into what never changes.

“As you surrender, as you let yourself fall into the experience completely, it is possible to recognize that the Life inherent in the falling is unmoving. There is really no cliff, no jumper, no falling, no faller. There is only the present presence of You, eternal and unchanging.”


Simply Open

Simply Open Simply Open

June 20-21, Online Weekend Retreat

What does it mean to open to yourself? In these highlights from the June 2020 online weekend, Gangaji leads each participant into a deepening discovery of what means to live a life of true openness.

“I invite you to use our time together to discover what it means and how it is relevant to your own life in any particular moment, to open. Simply open. The help that is finally available is your mind’s own surrender to its source.”

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