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The End of Not Good Enough

The End of Not Good Enough The End of Not Good Enough - Gangaji and Man with hands in Namaste

August 17, 2019 AM ~ San Rafael, CA

For some, the fear of not being good enough can be as big as the fear of death. But what is not good enough? By what standard is that measured? Here Gangaji exposes the inner grim reaper of “not good enough,” and turns it into an ally for freedom.

“If you can take a moment to be absolutely and completely not good enough, then the conversation is finished, and there is a great discovery in that. It’s a shift that affects everything. You don’t want the fear of not good enough to keep you from living your life freely and following the direction of your soul.”

A Life in Avoidance of Hurt

A Life in Avoidance of Hurt Avoidance of Hurt - Gangaji Smiling Holding Letter April 25, 1999 ~ Marysville, Australia

April 25, 1999 PM ~ Marysville, Australia

Everyone has experienced some measure of pain and hurt, but do you want to live your life in fear that? In this video from the archives, Gangaji takes us on an exploration into our common defense mechanisms to avoid being hurt, the cost of which is living a life free to love without restraint.

“If the preciousness of life is being lived in avoidance of hurt, the result is a dead life filled with unnecessary suffering.”



Inquiry is the Trapdoor into the Revelation of Freedom

Inquiry is the Trapdoor into the Revelation of Freedom Inquiry is the trapdoor into the revelation of freedom - gangaji onstage with bearded older man

In this clip, Inquiry is the Trapdoor into the Revelation of Freedom, Gangaji uncovers the conspiracy of the world that keeps us working our whole lives in order to be loved. In an instant, buy inquiring directly into the emotions underneath what keeps us spinning, you can discover the reality of freedom in the last […]

The Joy in Meeting Emotion

The Joy in Meeting Emotion

Are you trying to manage your experience or control your emotions? Can you welcome what is here without the hope of changing it or transforming it or driving it away? The addiction to the drama of suffering can be a nightmare.  But if you wake up in the nightmare, and actually turn and face what is chasing you, not knowing what will happen, without an agenda, without trying to fix it, what do you find?

When we open to any emotion without our usual commentary, the possibility is that we might discover what we have been searching for all along. It’s made of the same substance as we are. It is joy.


Surrendering to Love

Surrendering to Love
Our hearts have been broken. And they will be broken. The more you surrender to love the more your heart will be broken. It’s not like your heart gets unbroken over and over. No. Broken. More and deeper. And there will be pain. So what? If your life is about protection from pain, your life is about suffering. I love. I, love. I love. What freedom!
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