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Less than a Speck of Dust

Less than a Speck of Dust Less than a speck of dust

July 24, 1995 Boulder, CO

In this video from the archives Gangaji reads letters of explosive realization that illustrate “the end of seeking and the beginning of seeing.” The treasure of these letters, along with Gangaji’s response, renders life’s complexity down to two basic tenets: We are born to express love, and that our lives, less than a speck of dust, can reflect the immeasurable vastness of being.

“What a mystery it is that this tiniest speck is as big as Life Itself. When this is realized, you can throw away all possibility of measuring anything. You recognize all measurements are made up, are nothing, and you are left at before the beginning.”


The Language of Effortlessness

The Language of Effortlessness The language of Effortlessness

June 5, 1994, Boulder, CO

This video from the archives includes many lively interactions, the heart of which is the topic of effort and effortlessness. If you feel that realizing the truth of your being requires effort, then eventually you will find yourself exhausted and disillusioned. Are you efforting to know who you are?

“Effort is what we are taught, it’s what we do, it’s what we believe is necessary. We are most afraid to stop effort because that would be the unknown. What I am speaking about cannot be ‘done’ and cannot be ‘known.’ You are never separate from it; it is already the truth of who you are—pure pristine awareness, effortlessly as it is, limitless and un-findable as a particular entity.


Inquiry is the Trapdoor into the Revelation of Freedom

Inquiry is the Trapdoor into the Revelation of Freedom Inquiry is the trapdoor into the revelation of freedom - gangaji onstage with bearded older man

In this clip, Inquiry is the Trapdoor into the Revelation of Freedom, Gangaji uncovers the conspiracy of the world that keeps us working our whole lives in order to be loved. In an instant, buy inquiring directly into the emotions underneath what keeps us spinning, you can discover the reality of freedom in the last […]

Ethics and the Teaching of Ramana

Ethics and the Teaching of Ramana Ethics and the Teaching of Ramana Maharshi

“What is the relationship between ethics and the teaching of Ramana Maharshi?” This is the central question posed to Gangaji in this final meeting of the 2017 Santa Sabina retreat. Here Gangaji supports you in discovering your own ethical and moral compass, where free will meets the core of Ramana’s teaching: “Be still and know who you are.”

“Your capacity to be still and know who you are uncovers an ocean of intelligence. A free life doesn’t necessarily mean doing whatever you want. It means that in the realization of your own inherent freedom, you can recognize where you cause suffering unnecessarily, and where you continue your own suffering unnecessarily—because suffering unnecessarily is also immoral.”

Yes That Is It!

Yes That Is It!

How do you cross the line into doubtless self-confirmation of the truth of your being? How does self-doubt, which Ramana called “the last obstacle,” appear? Can you live with all the ups and downs of being human and still be conscious of, and nurtured by, the truth of who you are? Yes!

In this clip a young woman reports on her direct experience of truth and Gangaji delightedly confirms that experience.  When we are free to treasure such a moment, without objectifying it, and to live freely in the fullness of surrender, then how is life lived? As Gangaji says, “See what this life is drawn to… follow the heart… live the heart.”

What You Really Want is Already Here

What You Really Want is Already Here

Gangaji asks one of the most potent and essential questions of self-inquiry. What do I really want? This is the beginning. When you open to this question you can take it deeper. From where does the desire for what I want arise? What is the source of this desire? By following this inquiry all the way you have a choice. You can stop looking anywhere for what it is you really want. That is the radical teaching of Papaji.


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