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Transcendent & Very Human

Transcendent & Very Human


Novato, CA Open Meeting

“While the realization [of the essential unity] is sublime, and ecstatic and earth shattering, the living of it can be sublime and earth shattering. But is also ordinary and mundane. It looks just like your life.”

In a series of exchanges, Gangaji’s address transcendence and our humanity. Also addressed: sexuality and Gangaji’s first meeting with Papaji.

Absolute Renunciation

Absolute Renunciation video- Gangaji Marin County renunciation for self-realization

April 12, 1996

Marin County, CA

“When you are willing to totally renounce all strategies of survival- mental, emotional, and physical- then immediately, instantaneously, you will recognize your true Self.”

Gangaji speaks of the absolute renunciation required for Self-realization- the renunciation of all past concepts in the mind.

Standing in the Truth of Who You Are

Standing in the Truth of Who You Are video- Gangaji standing in truth who are you

Video Compilation

Standing in the Truth of Who You Are includes three of Gangaji’s most powerful monologues ever recorded, and speaks to the potential for all of us “as ordinary human beings, living ordinary lives, to stand up extraordinarily.” With this compilation of dialogues, monologues and a repeating question exercise, you are invited to examine at the deepest level, who you are. As Gangaji says, “This is the full circle. This is coming home.”

The Yoga of Surrender

The Yoga of Surrender video- Gangaji yoga surrender challenges awakening

3.19.00 AM

Marin County, CA

Gangaji addresses a variety of challenges that often arise after an experience of deep awakening, particularly the tendency toward self-doubt. She speaks of the possibility, in the onslaught of day to day existence, of not knowing anything, not figuring out anything, and not doing anything to deflect from the exquisite fire of surrender.

Fire of Grace

Fire of Grace video- Gangaji Fire of Grace Boulder Colorado

3.17.01 AM

Boulder, CO

Packed with a multiple depth charge, Gangaji asks the question: What is it that you want from each other? She points to the difference in experience when one wants to “get” something as opposed to “give” something; and even deeper yet, beond getting and giving, to the possibility of simply “being.” She promises that in true surrender is a fire of grace in which everything takes care of itself.

The Children’s Satsang

The Children’s Satsang


Boulder, CO

As the heart nears opening, the fear of being used, of losing control, of being brainwashed into cultish behavior arises. Explaining that “Wherever your attention is, that is what’s using you,” Gangaji points to the clear alternative of surrendering all attention to what is glimpsed. Also in this meeting: three remarkable dialogues with children ages 7 to 18.

Your Final Desire

Your Final Desire video- Victoria BC Gangaji meeting final desire

September 10, 2016 AM
Victoria, Canada 

What if all your desires were fulfilled? Would that give you what you thought you wanted? Or is there an even deeper desire, something more essential, more all-inclusive, not contingent upon the ever-changing conditions of life?

In this video Gangaji leads you into an investigation of what it is you truly want, and what is your final desire.

“I’m not speaking of getting rid of your desires. I’m saying that it’s very useful, and finally imperative, to discover what your desires are, and what you expect you would get if those desires were fulfilled. Only then can you get to what is really wanted.”

Open Your Mind

Open Your Mind video- Stinson Beach Open Mind Gangaji retreat video

12.5.99 AM

Stinson Beach, CA

Here Gangaji covers many aspects of ordinary life and the search for truth- attachment to loved ones, responsibility as a parent and spouse, unnecessary clinging to books and knowledge, the student/teacher relationship, and so much more. She points again and again to the open mind through which consciousness is aware of itself and awake to itself, and the answer to every question is naturally revealed.

The Kiss and the Slap

The Kiss and the Slap


Marin County, CA

Gangaji says that the intention to be free is itself the true and final teacher in our lives. She beautifully addresses the experience of being “kissed” by the divine, as it blesses us with a powerful glimpse of truth. And then the all too common “slap” that occurs when the ego attempts to co-opt that blessing, even with the most altruistic of intentions.

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