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Living an Uncommon Ordinary Life

Living an Uncommon Ordinary Life

The accumulations of higher status, material objects or better spiritual identities are common ways we use our life force. But these temporary accumulation don’t bring us lasting peace and fulfillment. In the wake of realizing the truth of who you are, here is a question you can ask: what does my life stand for? The uncommon possibility is to let your life be used by awakening, to live an uncommon, ordinary life.

Effortless Vigilence

Effortless Vigilence

From a weekend retreat at CIIS in San Francisco in January 2019, Gangaji speaks about the possibility of effortless vigilance. The cue for vigilance is suffering…it’s the proof that you aren’t being true, and the sign to stop and ask yourself, what am I telling myself? What is underneath that, not spoken, but here?

One Hundred Percent Willingness

One Hundred Percent Willingness video- Gangaji curly hair hand raised

Crestone, CO
September 1, 1995 AM

Is it possible to awaken to the truth of your being, to realize unconditional freedom, without complete, unconditional willingness? In this video Gangaji speaks to the heart of what keeps us bound within a limited experience of our lives and ourselves. It really boils down to willingness—the willingness to let go, the willingness to lose everything, the willingness to be free. When you really tell the truth, are you willing?

“Without one hundred percent willingness, there is no possibility of recognizing one hundred percent who you are. It is a moment of disillusionment. I am happy to disillusion you of the idea that you can halfway wake up to who you are and be free. Make no mistake, the tide of conditioning is enormous, yet it is no match whatsoever for one hundred percent willingness.”

In The Deepest Waters

In The Deepest Waters video- retreat surrendering 2000 in the deepest waters

“When there is an intention to really know what is true, then there is an acceptance of the deepest waters.”

In this classic compilation, Gangaji explores the deepest issues of surrendering one’s life to true and lasting peace. She asks us to investigate where our attention is, and what it is we are running from, clearly unfolding how attention, avoidance, suffering, and desire are intimately entwined.

Let Your Attention Serve Love, 1/27/2000

Healing the Primal Wound, 1/28/2000

The Practice of Desire, 1/29/2000

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