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Honoring the Flame of Truth

Honoring the Flame of Truth Flame of Truth

March 24, 1999. Denmark, Australia

Have you ever been graced with a glimpse, a taste, a recognition of the everlasting peace that is the truth of your being? Often times the mind will immediately pick up the search for more that, as if more will be found somewhere other than here where you are. In this video Gangaji clearly lays out how to cut that habitual tendency at its root.

“This habit of relying on the mind and its latest interpretation of where more of God or truth will be found is very strong. It is a cycling. In a millisecond of true stopping, the mind is seen for what it is. In that same millisecond the presence of God, of truth, of enlightenment, is recognized.”

The Burning of Illusion

The Burning of Illusion

“We have become enamored with our spiritual search. It serves a crucial purpose as it awakens the heart. Yet if it becomes the object of our infatuation, it is a relentless obstacle. Give it up! Give up your search for awakening, give up your search for love, give up your search for yourself for one instant, and see what is found.”

If you have been graced with a glimpse of reality, can you honestly say that you did something for it? Can you say with certainty that you can command its return? Gangaji reminds us that this is the joke! You have never been separate from this. What you have been searching for is already here, realizing itself in you.

The full version of this video is available in Gangaji’s Video Library

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