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Let Yourself Be Leveled

Let Yourself Be Leveled let yourself be leveled

Let Yourself Be Leveled, May 3, 2002, Boulder, CO

Since so much of our world has to do with an evaluation of different levels, our habitual focus on achieving naturally crosses over into the spiritual search. In this video from the archives Gangaji effortlessly debunks the commonly held belief that there are different levels of enlightenment and that any one person is inherently more enlightened than another.

“This invitation is to recognize what has no levels, what is free of evolution, free of devolution, free of advancement, free of retreat, free of success, free of failure, free of enlightenment, and free of ignorance. That which is free is the truth of who you already are. That which is bound to levels has only to do with what you think you are not.”

Honoring the Flame of Truth

Honoring the Flame of Truth Flame of Truth

March 24, 1999. Denmark, Australia

Have you ever been graced with a glimpse, a taste, a recognition of the everlasting peace that is the truth of your being? Often times the mind will immediately pick up the search for more that, as if more will be found somewhere other than here where you are. In this video Gangaji clearly lays out how to cut that habitual tendency at its root.

“This habit of relying on the mind and its latest interpretation of where more of God or truth will be found is very strong. It is a cycling. In a millisecond of true stopping, the mind is seen for what it is. In that same millisecond the presence of God, of truth, of enlightenment, is recognized.”

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