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ThemeTest - Fear

Art of Living Retreat | The Freedom Alive In You ~ 2022 ~ 3347394

Fallen Leaf 2022 - People Interested ~ 2022 ~ 3342741

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Podcast Extra | Home is What First Waked You

In our February podcast extra, Gangaji invites us to discover the very source of our longing for home, home itself. In an instant of inquiry, you can discover that what you have longed for, is who you already are. Also learn more about Gangaji’s March 6-7 online retreat: Falling Into Yourself.

Podcast Extra | Falling Into Yourself

In this final, bonus podcast of the year, host Barbara Denempont invites all listeners to an online public meeting with Gangaji on January 3 and shares a short clip from Gangaji on the invitation to fall into yourself.

"Falling into yourself is a surrender to what you don’t know about yourself."