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Ending Self Doubt

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April 12, 2020 11:00 am

“Don’t doubt your own majesty.” – Papaji

Topic this month, Ending Self Doubt: Following our thoughts self doubt thoughts is how we turn away from the natural, effortless fulfillment that is always here. Thirty years ago this month, Papaji invited Gangaji to call off her spiritual search without postponement and relinquish any doubt about her direct experience. Now, Gangaji invites you to do the same: irrevocably discover the truth of your being and end the habit of self-doubt.

“I can honestly say with great joy that what Papaji directed me into, what he invited me, pushed me, and wrestled me into, has proven itself to be unending in its fulfillment, unending in true peace and happiness, unending in the joy of meeting itself in everything and everyone—in particular those who are even in the slightest interested in self-discovery.

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