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Summer & Fall 2020 Meeting Series

Facing the World - You Don't Have To Fix Yourself To Know True Happiness


Trusting Life, Trusting Yourself

“Find out what doesn’t come and go, and put your trust in that.”

Trusting Life, Trusting Yourself: In the wake of betraying another or feeling betrayed ourselves, how do we rediscover our capacity to trust? What is trustworthy? Gangaji points to the possibility of not naively trusting our thoughts, feelings, and storylines, but instead shifting our attention to what is finally trustworthy—life itself. There is a moment of surrender to that which holds all, that which has always been here, that which has never left our side, no matter the feeling or circumstance. When you fully turn your attention to that, you are trusting yourself, trusting life. Gangaji's blog  


What is Your Real Question?

“Just turning your attention to the spaciousness of the answer inside is turning your attention to yourself.”

If you have only one question left to ask, what will it be? And where will you find the answer? Gangaji invites you to join her live online meeting this month to take  this opportunity to ask your questions, share your realizations, and discover the truth of who you are.


Come Home

“People used to come to Papaji and say I have to change my whole life.  And he said, “Do not change a thing.  You find the Truth where you are.”"

Most people find themselves on a spiritual path because they are seeking peace, hoping to find home. Gangaji’s invitation to you is to recognize where home truly is. After so much time spent searching, home is discovered in the last place you thought to look. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, good or bad, worse or better, whatever challenges you face, mentally or emotionally, you can call off your search right now and discover a life-changing truth: “Your natural state is already awake, already free, already that which you seek.”    


The Refusal to Rest

In her next live meeting Gangaji helps us examine how our survival drive “runs the show” and how in surrender, we are naturally more responsible. Within each of us is a drive to survive that pushes us to find physical and emotional safety and nourishment. As human animals that is a natural function, even if in times of plenty and privilege, we continue to seek more and better survival and we create unnecessary suffering for ourselves and others. Gangaji helps us examine how our survival drive “runs the show” and how in surrender, the mind naturally serves when resting in its source.


A Deeper Surrender

The most radical challenge is the challenge of surrender.

The most radical challenge is the challenge of surrender. Surrender is often associated with loss, but in her upcoming meeting, Gangaji will point to the freedom in surrender. This month, she will help us identify why we avoid or postpone true surrender. What are we protecting? What are we defending? What are we trying to save? Read Gangaji's blog post: The Choice to Surrender