Living from the Ground of Being
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from Anasuya Floan

Meet Anasuya and her friend Alexandra. “Angry, frightened, and very effective at scaring people off, Alexandra was adept at all kinds of ways to keep herself isolated and protected,” writes Anasuya. “Afraid of people, startled by any sudden or loud noise, the smallest thing could be a trigger and the only way to control herself was to be alone.”

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“This is your resting place, your watering hole. Find what supports you, what includes you, and drink it in. Be nourished. Be enlivened. And when you feel thirsty again, drink some more.” —Gangaji

In Your Own Words
for the love of peace

The Gangaji Foundation serves the truth of universal consciousness and the potential for the recognition of peace inherent in the core of all being. Download For the Love of Peace

From a Prison program volunteer

"I have found writing these letters to a prisoner to be a most intimate and deepening act of love towards myself, as well as a way of appreciating and acknowledging our shared human beingness." Learn more about our Prison Program.

How Many prisons do we Serve in the US?

You might be surprised by how many prisoners, website visitors, podcast listeners, and more have participated in this global community in 2021. See the Maps.

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"I can't imaging a better way to serve. It is such a privilege. I feel that I am standing behind Gangaji, putting my resources into her use of her words." Get Started

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"I felt that Gangaji’s awakening was my awakening...There was no separation between her and me.” Meet the Board and Staff