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“There is a certain point when the desire to serve something is more important than the desire to get something. That is a secret, wonderful moment. This is where we meet.” ~Gangaji​​
Those serving within and through Gangaji’s Foundation play an essential role that Gangaji could never play.  When we are inspired by the gratitude in our hearts, we help this beacon of freedom burn ever brighter. Gangaji, the staff, and this passionate community wholeheartedly welcome your participation and support in making this invitation available to all who are interested.
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Our programs thrive because a global team of volunteers said yes. From every part of the world, they are dedicated to serving peace and sustaining this work. We invite you to get involved. Your time, your participation, and your expertise are tangible contributions and offer real support to both our lives and the lives of others. Sign Me Up

Events with Gangaji

Regional volunteer teams are the core of Gangaji’s schedule of events. Wherever she is invited to meet with people, a local community comes together to produce the events. Gangaji's Calendar

Prison Program

Men and women living behind bars can participate in their own course with Gangaji: Freedom Inside. They can also correspond with volunteers and receive books free of charge. Learn More

Scholarships Program​

One of the Gangaji Foundation’s core values is making this invitation available to all who are interested, including those without financial means. Through the Scholarship Program, the community ensures that finances are not a barrier to participation. Learn More

Transcribing & Archives

We are making sure that the recorded archive of Gangaji's work is preserved and that every meeting is transcribed. You can play an essential part in making sure Gangaji’s teachings are available to as many as possible for years to com. Volunteer as a Transcriber

About Gangaji's Foundation

Filled with gratitude for the recognition that her teacher, Papaji, had pointed her to, Gangaji asked him how she could truly thank him. He said, “Give your life to this.” Without having any idea what that would mean, she said “yes.” That was in 1990.

Gangaji's first meetings were held in her own living room. As word spread, the meetings got larger and Gangaji knew she needed help. With welcoming, open arms, volunteers and donors stepped forward, and in 1993 the Gangaji Foundation was established with a small staff.

New volunteers and contributors showed up to record and transcribe meetings, to publish and translate books into other languages, to provide scholarships, host video groups, and send free books to those living behind bars. With emerging digital technologies, new opportunities arrived, connecting us all across the globe.

Today, the community continues its work, bringing this message of peace to new mediums—Gangaji’s website, podcasts, social media and live video streaming. Remarkably, now people can access an online video library and meet and speak with Gangaji online, not in her living room, but in their own.

"In 1990, I found myself in the room at Gangaji’s very first meeting. Since that lucky day, I have witnessed the unfolding of this invitation to freedom through the Gangaji Foundation. As an original Board member, I have seen the remarkable continuity and consistency in the message and in the dedication of those who receive it. We all stand on the shoulders of volunteers and donors who have come before (many still here!), and we contribute our spirit and passion as we move forward." — Suman Pregerson (with Gangaji in above, early 90s.)

Donate to the Programs that Serve Peace

You can help fuel the programs of the Gangaji Foundation with your financial contributions. Make a single donation, become a monthly contributor, give a gift of stock or include the Gangaji Foundation in your estate planning. The gift you make today supports our global platform for peace and expands our capacity to serve


“Thank you for allowing such easy access to this incredible and life changing content. It is a true gift straight to the heart and the spirit. I hope many, many more discover this enlightening and humanizing content.”
Boulder, CO
“I can’t imagine a better way to serve. It is such a privilege. I love Gangaji’s teaching, and I want to enable as many people as possible to see and hear her for years to come. I feel that I am standing behind Gangaji, putting my resources into her use of her words.”
Melissa Fischer
Office Volunteer
“When I had lost my grip on the tolerance of my physical body being confined to the penitentiary, your Universal Love, graciously swooped down and embraced my heart with the AWARENESS OF OUR HEART.”
Prison Program