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  • On the main forum page, click on the "Your Profile" button. You can also click on this link, and then open up this FAQ again on your profile page.
  • Click the little gear icon and select "Edit Profile":
  • An image of a camera will appear above where your photo will end up. Click on it: and then click "Change Photo"
  • You'll be able to upload an image of yourself.
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Images taken on phones and devices are often large (4MB in size), while the forum limits images to 1MB in size or less.

To resize your profile photo or other images to upload to the forum, please follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Scroll down and click "Upload Now" and select the image from your photo library (if you're on a phone/tablet) or from your computer.
  • From the "resize images to" drop down, choose "Compact" and then click Submit.
  • Once it finishes resizing your image, click on "Download".
  • It will then show you the resized image. If you're on a phone or tablet, you can press on it and get the option to save it back to your photo library. If you're on a computer, you can right-click and save it.
  • Then you can return to the Forum and try uploading again, as this newly-saved image will now be small enough.