The Secret of Lasting Fulfillment | Hosted by The Theosophical Society ~ 2022 ~ 3372590

“We imagine fulfillment to be a lack of pain or conflict, or more pleasure, more peace, more acknowledgement, more love. This is what can be imagined, but true fulfillment cannot be imagined. It can only be realized.”—Gangaji

The desire for true and lasting fulfillment lies at the heart of every ancient spiritual text and religious tradition. It is no ordinary desire. It cannot be satisfied with objects or attainments or techniques. It is of an altogether different order.

On her spiritual path, Gangaji has described the “moments of beauty, moments of transcendence, and true knowing” she experienced along the way. Yet those states and experiences came and went. They did not give her lasting fulfillment. Her spiritual search was driven by wanting to “get it” and “keep it”—until she met her teacher, H.W.L. Poonjaji. He invited her to stop, to call off the search, and immediately realize that what is already whole, fulfilled, and at peace is the truth of who you are.

Gangaji will support you in realizing what blocks your realization of true fulfillment. Through self-inquiry, there is the opportunity to consciously end your patterns of unnecessary suffering, to fall into the ease of being, and live a life from the ground of true fulfillment.

During this special workshop, Gangaji will speak and respond to questions and lead a guided inquiry.

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