Freedom Inside Retreat with Gangaji ~ 2019 ~ 1761360

Many of us have been deeply inspired and served by the course Gangaji designed for prisoners, Freedom Inside. Gangaji and the staff have been developing the material for the course over the last two years. It has been well received and shared among those living behind bars.Gangaji would like to bring you into this course that truly knows no walls, no bars.

"This desire to discover freedom inside is the one true desire from which all other desires emerge. To realize this inner freedom is the possibility for all of us wherever we find ourselves, in whatever circumstances we face. No exceptions."

This retreat will be focused on some of the most potent inquiries presented in the course. We will investigate the narratives that we repeat to ourselves over and over that create our mental prisons. We will look at what gives those stories life, our emotions, and discover how our emotions often nest one into another. The invitation is to dive deeply into the phenomena of any emotional state to uncover what is true in the core: the gift of compassion and the spaciousness of what is forever untouched by any thought or emotion.


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