A Day of Inquiry ~ 2017 ~ 1002

"To consciously rest is to be at home. To be at home is to be naked to yourself. Self-inquiry is always an invitation home, an invitation in to yourself." ~ Gangaji

This special one-day event focuses on the invitation of self-inquiry, the very core of Gangaji’s teachings. As a human being, you have the capacity to self reflect, to set aside the usual activities of mind and let your attention fall back in to its source and discover who you are, in truth. This is the beginning of a fulfilled, free, and authentic life.

The opportunity of this day is to be with Gangaji in an intimate group where you can speak with her directly and receive the immense support of like-minded community.

The day will be comprised of two meetings at 11:00am and 4:00pm, with a video presentation at 2:00pm.

To register go to the East West Bookshop website by clicking here, or phone 206-523-3726.

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