Gangaji at the Science and Non-Duality Conference – Self-Inquiry: Discovering Non-Duality in Duality ~ 2011 ~ 600

Gangaji will be presenting a session at the 2011 Science and Non-Duality Conference taking place in Marin, CA.

Often on the spiritual search, we seek an experience of non-duality by transcending physical, emotional, mental and circumstantial aspects of living. Transcendence implies leaving something behind. In this meeting, Gangaji demonstrates how through self-inquiry, non-duality can be directly experienced, with no need to leave anything. When we are willing to stop rejecting, fixing or controlling our very human experiences, there is the opportunity to discover the ever present truth of non-duality: pure consciousness, pure spaciousness. Gangaji invites us to welcome all aspects of ourselves in all states and forms, even the most difficult of experiences, so that we can discover inherent fulfillment.

To find out more and to register for this event click here

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