With Gangaji - Free Introductory Conference and Webcast ~ 2011 ~ 570

Please join us for this opportunity to try out the format of our new series of With Gangaji, which will launch on February 13.

What's included in this event:

What to expect:

The conference call and webcast will last about an hour and a half. Like any meeting with Gangaji, we will begin with a period of silence, following which Gangaji will speak and invite reports and questions.

If you are on the conference call using Maestro you will be able to "raise your hand" if you would like to speak with Gangaji. There may also be an opportunity to break into groups. When you register you will receive detailed instructions on how to get connected.

If you are watching the webcast you will be able to see and hear the meeting. You will need to dial in to participate in the conversation.

To view the webcast you will need a computer with a high-speed internet connection, but you can also participate fully in the meeting using only your phone. Click here to access more information about webcasting.

Check your connection speed

*When you register for this event you will receive an email confirmation with important information attached. Please be sure to save these attachments. You will need the information to access the webcast and to connect to Maestro for the conference call.

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