With Gangaji Conference Series ~ 2010 ~ 476

For the first time, Gangaji is offering a series of monthly gatherings with a worldwide group in support of realization of lasting peace and fulfillment. Gangaji has designed a complete program to bring us together for an ever-deeper conversation about leading our lives heartfully and authentically. New technology makes it possible for people from all over the world to be together, to be here for each other, without leaving their home. Using only your telephone, we will spend time together speaking, asking questions, and sharing our reports.

The Focus – Living Freely: Exposing the False Obstacles to Living an Authentic Life

In this first series, the group will investigate the real opportunity and challenge to live a free and authentic life, regardless of our circumstances. The ultimate direction of our investigation emerges from the active participation of each participant. An open mind and an open heart are essential for true inquiry. Gangaji asks that you fully commit to the program, just as she has offered her full commitment to the group.

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