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The Whole World Benefits from This Awakening

Dear friends,

As I sit to write this letter to you, I find myself thinking about the future—seeing the future of children who are now at a tender age, becoming teenagers making new discoveries, and beginning their journey into life. I see them starting university, planning careers, and committing to partnerships and family. I can also see them feeling a deeper longing, a longing you and I have felt, that cannot be appeased by a good life, as good as that is. Trying so hard to be at peace, to feel loved and loving, often following thoughts and feelings, and suffering over what did or did not happen.


What I want for them, and for everyone, is what I discovered in meeting Gangaji. I want them to realize the refuge of their own heart and to be fully supported in recognizing themselves as love, peace and fulfillment itself.


I can easily imagine them standing on our shoulders, just as we have stood on the shoulders of Gangaji and all who responded to her call for support many years ago. I imagine them feeling as I do, having such deep gratitude and awareness of the many blessings that have come along in our lives since accepting Gangaji’s invitation to discover the peace that is always present.


More than ever I believe it is important for us to offer this possibility of ending unnecessary suffering to those we may never meet, those who may not even be born in our lifetime, and those who may speak a different language or are living behind bars. Gangaji asks us to simply open and allow our life to be used by the force of freedom that is alive in our heart.


This letter, from me to you, heart to heart, is a call to action. I know the real impact we can have when we include the Gangaji Foundation in our estate planning. Truly it is a lifeline. Bequests like Laura Farrow’s, a former Board member, kept the boat afloat in hard times. And in good times bequests have allowed us to invest in new technologies and create new programs. Last year a bequest came from Andrew Storm, a Sydney volunteer since 2005. In his passing, he passed to all of us the opportunity to rebuild Gangaji’s website this year, making Gangaji and her teaching more easily accessible and available to a global audience.


What does it mean to you to have Gangaji’s invitation and support available for future generations? We have the blessed opportunity to give to what we love and value. How often do we get to do something that honors our own direct experience? When I finished the paperwork of my own will, I felt a resounding peace throughout my being. I experienced Papaji and Ramana standing next to my shoulders. What a surprise. What a moment. We are all here together. We are all serving this Love.


As I bring this letter to a close, I once again see these future generations. They are thankful that we thought of them, that we took responsibility for peace and gave to what we love, setting our intention to serve peace alongside Gangaji now and in the future when we are all long gone. Together we choose from gratitude. What a legacy this can be for you and me.


Let us continue to share the grace of our lives, letting the river of blessings flow from our hearts to the world now and in the future trusting that our financial gifts to the River Legacy Fund will bring to the world what it needs.


If you have any questions about making a bequest, the work of the Gangaji Foundation or the stewardship of the River Legacy Fund, please connect with me. I would love to have a conversation any time.

In peace and gratitude,
Kat Miller
Director of Donor Services
(541) 482-3100 x222
P.S. To make your donation now, click here. There are a variety of ways you can give to the Foundation including gifts of stock, bequests, and one-time or monthly donations. To learn more visit our online Guide to Giving or just give us a call!\
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