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The Whole World Benefits from This Awakening

You and I share something essential. Just like you, I was lucky enough to hear Gangaji’s invitation to peace. What a blessing it has been to be pointed home, to be fully supported in the discovery of what is alive in the heart of all being. It is my joy to thank you for every way you have said yes to this invitation and every way you have participated in this transformative self-discovery. Thank you!


Recently on retreat I asked myself a sobering question: “If I hadn’t met Gangaji, what would my life be like?” Maybe you have asked yourself that too. My simple answer is my life absolutely would not have been the same. In meeting Gangaji, I have a life of fulfillment, rooted in immeasurable love.


One of the 303 participants in the Freedom Inside course for prisoners, Fred, answered this question when he wrote, “I have to tell you that this is probably the most helpful and insightful course I’ve come across in the 36 years I’ve been down. I’m finding the material to be a healing balm of sorts since it brings to light the many stories of pain that I’ve avoided most of my life, only to find that they cannot hold up under the Light of self-inquiry.”

Our passion is the passion of inclusion. Every program that Gangaji, her staff, and our community of volunteers and donors have created and continue to sustain, delivers this invitation to those longing to discover freedom, regardless of their circumstance. I am personally grateful for our public gatherings and retreats. I am grateful for our online meetings, the Gangaji Forum and the library of recordings that are a daily support to many. And I am especially grateful to know that our generous and dedicated community insists that living behind bars or being on a fixed income or speaking a language other than English do not have to be obstacles to receiving Gangaji’s invitation.             
Gangaji and this community have had a real impact together. First, take a moment to see what it has meant to your life, and then imagine what it means to a prisoner receiving the Freedom Inside monthly newsletter in the mail, or a young man on YouTube being stopped in his tracks while watching a video. Imagine someone without financial means getting the news they have been awarded a retreat scholarship or someone who has never heard of Gangaji listening to a podcast for the first time and their heart just naturally opening.
I feel such gratitude for all of it! I benefit. We benefit. The whole world benefits from this awakening, from the ending of unnecessary suffering. I invite you, in a very practical way, to support the programs that support us all, that support Gangaji, and support the possibility of peace in the lives of others who—just like you and me—want to realize true peace and lasting fulfillment.
Your contribution will provide scholarships, expand the Freedom Inside course into new prisons, build a responsive, mobile-friendly website, record and archive Gangaji’s meetings for future generations, create new podcasts and other digital offerings, support translations and transcriptions, as well as produce a full calendar of in-person and online gatherings with Gangaji. Your contribution large or small will make difference. If we raise $94,200 before the end of December, we will meet our financial goal and sail into next year!
I deeply resonated with something Gangaji once said: “Before meeting Papaji, I had a story of suffering. After meeting Papaji, I have a life, I am Life.” Those words echo in my heart. I would not have discovered the peace in the core of my being if Gangaji’s invitation had not been available to me. That is why I am happy to ask you for your contribution and your on-going support of this work that augments the well being of all. I know what it will mean to someone I may never meet, because we share this one heart.
In peace and gratitude,
Kat Miller
Director of Donor Services
P.S. To make your donation now, click here. There are a variety of ways you can give to the Foundation including gifts of stock, bequests, and one-time or monthly donations. To learn more visit our online Guide to Giving or just give us a call!