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How Do We Award Scholarships?

People who apply for scholarships to be with Gangaji at retreats, or to join her live each month via With Gangaji, are asked to consider in the deepest way possible what their truest intention is in their desire to be with Gangaji. They are asked to open their hearts and lives, and to give an account of the particular challenges they face that make their chosen event difficult to afford.


Applicants come from all ages and walks of life, including seniors living on fixed incomes, students, those who are out of work or are unable to work because of illness. There are numerous circumstances that have been presented to our scholarship committee over the years. There is one common thread that unites them all ... a burning determination to be with Gangaji.


Here is just one example: "I desperately want to experience this time in silence, with people who are all there to broaden their knowledge, and most of all, to have the honor to listen to Gangaji each day as she so kindly, gently, and with such wisdom, helps to guide all of us to our true selves."


You may have wondered over the past month, as we have been turning the spotlight on our scholarship program in order to fund it, how scholarships are awarded. The answer is simple. A small, dedicated group of volunteers have been our anonymous scholarship committee for decades. They thoughtfully and lovingly read every word of every application, and determine how the funding can be allocated. Not everyone always receives what they ask for, but we know our committee is passionate about this work and deeply moved by the applications that they read.


"It is such a privilege to read and really be with the individual's words as they share their longing for truth and their love for Gangaji. It is such sacred ground and a very precious opportunity to hear how individuals are opening up their lives, and abouth the challenges they face as they yearn to go deeper within themselves."


If you or someone you know could benefit from a scholarship to attend events with Gangaji, learn more here.


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