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Letter from Prison




Gangaji and this community have had a real impact together. First, take a moment to see what it has meant to your life, and then imagine what it means to a prisoner receiving the Freedom Inside monthly newsletter in the mail, or a young man on YouTube being stopped in his tracks while watching a video. Imagine someone without financial means getting the news they have been awarded a retreat scholarship or someone who has never heard of Gangaji listening to a podcast for the first time and their heart just naturally opening.
We invite you, in a very practical way, to support the programs that support us all, that support Gangaji, and support the possibility of peace in the lives of others who—just like you—want to realize true peace and lasting fulfillment.

Your contribution will provide scholarships, expand the Freedom Inside course into new prisons, build a responsive, mobile-friendly website, record and archive Gangaji’s meetings for future generations, create new podcasts and other digital offerings, support translations and transcriptions, as well as produce a full calendar of in-person and online gatherings with Gangaji. Your contribution large or small will make difference. If we raise $94,200 before the end of December, we will meet our financial goal and sail into next year!


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