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Share the Gift of Retreat

Share the Gift of Retreat



We know that there are many inequalities in the world. As a community one of our most strongly held values is to ensure that individuals, without the financial means, have the opportunity to be in retreat with Gangaji or to join her online gatherings. We recognize that we are indeed the same one, the same heart, and some of us just need a little help from our friends. 


The Gangaji community has given over 2000 scholarships since 1994. The community's generosity has touched countless lives and has rippled through the hearts of people around the world in the most mysterious ways. This year, we want to bring your attention to this essential program knowing that someone could use your help because they are facing a medical bankruptcy or are living on a fixed income in their senior years. 


Two members of the community have come together to offer a matching donation of $15,000! To fully fund our 2017 scholarships, we need $33,000. Right now, your contribution will be doubled during our special campaign for scholarships. Your gift of $100 will be $200. Your gift of $20 becomes $40. No matter the size of your contribution, you can be part of chain of lovingkindness that ensures that we can include all who are interested in realizing the truth of who they are, regardless of circumstance. 


PS Colleen came to Fallen Leaf Lake on full scholarship, and she changed so many lives with her heartfelt sharing. Let her change yours too! Here is her full clip of her exchange with Gangaji. 




$33,260.55 Raised

$33,000.00 Goal

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48 Donors
100% Funded

Campaign ended on: August 23, 2017