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Put Your Burden Down
Recorded Nov 22, 2006
In this short clip Gangaji invites us to rest the burden of the thinking mind and come home to who we are, before any thought.
Find Out What is Real
Recorded Oct 23, 2019
The real discovery is to find out what remains as all else comes and goes. “It’s a serious question that turns the mind toward its source.”
The Source of Gratitude: I AM
Recorded Nov 19, 2023
A deep reflection on gratitude as love, as the direct conduit to the peace of who we truly are. Whatever the truth about the origins of our holiday of thanksgiving, and whatever is alive in the world that we may not feel gratitude for, we can use this moment to reflect.
Authentic Self Love
Recorded Aug 20, 2022
Kim has graced Gangaji's retreats over the years with her deeply moving recitations of poetry. In this exchange with Gangaji she inquires into the core of self-love and self-hate.
The Resolution of the Longing
Recorded Feb 5, 2001
The longing for true freedom, for lasting fulfillment is no ordinary desire. Unlike the desires for food, shelter, or social connection that serve our physical survival, true fulfillment cannot be attained, even if we employ spiritual techniques and meditation practices. In this monologue, Gangaji speaks to the resolution of the paradox this extraordinary desire presents in our lives—true fulfillment can only be realized if you don’t do anything for its realization.
What Will Your Spiritual Practice Give You?
Recorded Oct 7, 2023
Gangaji speaks about the role spiritual practice plays in our lives and invites us to discover what we are practicing when we “get off our cushion and the chanting stops.” What do our spiritual practices give us? What do we hope they will give us? What can they never give us?
Letting Go of Control
Recorded Sep 29, 2007
Recorded in September 2007 at the Omega institute, this conversation dives into the emotions we encounter and the mental constructs we run into when we start to really let go of control. With humor and delight, Gangaji guides the conversation under all judgments or attempts to control thought patterns or circumstances, into a free fall into the unknown. On Sunday, February 21 Gangaji will lead a live online meeting on the subject of Control vs. Responsibility. Learn More
Willingness to Open
Recorded Feb 27, 2022
The inherent duality in our thinking minds is designed to keep us safe, to keep us alive. But when there is a desire to truly be free, to truly know, then there is a transcendence of survival.
The Yoga of Naturally Being Yourself
Recorded Feb 2, 1995
“It’s a lie that any thing gives you fulfilling, true, deep joy. Joy is your nature.”

We can feel deeply conflicted when following our hearts doesn’t line up with what we or others think we should be doing. When we reach the proverbial and often frightening “fork in the road,” we have a choice to be true to ourselves. Gangaji begins this meeting speaking about the difference between being normal and being natural, and then shares one of the key “fork in the road” moments she experienced in her life.
No Ground To Stand On
Recorded Nov 14, 2021
An excerpt from Gangaji's Online Meeting on November 14, 2021, this monologue expresses Gangaji's deep gratitude for her meeting with Papaji. "Papaji offered me the gift of this lifetime. He left me no ground to stand on, and that is what I offer you."
Commitment to Oneself: What is Beyond All Relationship
Recorded Nov 12, 1993
Gangaji examines the topic of marriage and commitment: what is marriage, what is commitment, and what is beyond all relationship. And she speaks candidly of her own marriage.
The Direct Experience of Certainty
Recorded Nov 11, 2000
Universal, absolute awareness is who you are.”

How is it possible to be “certain” of who we are? In the wake of an essential and undeniable experience of our true nature as pure consciousness, doubt usually arises—“Did that really happen? Is it real?”Then, we often look to our thoughts for the answer. In this powerful dialogue, Gangaji helps us see past the efforts of the rational, conditioned mind to grasp to the doubtless recognition of what is always here.
There is No Strategy for Peace
Recorded Aug 17, 1999
In this funny, frank exchange Gangaji effortlessly dismantles the layers of Egoic strategy that are attempting to find peace.
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