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The Fear of Being too Great
Recorded Mar 16, 2009
Sometimes the feeling of unworthiness is masking the fear that if we are truly who we are, we will be too great. And if we are too great, that will be dangerous. Ultimately Gangaji is inviting us to not postpone realization for anything, whether it's the fear of being too great, too small, not enough, or any of a host of other ways we avoid the truth of ourselves.
Me and My Illusion
Recorded Oct 3, 1999
What do you think is happening? What story are you telling yourself about yourself? We develop “illusions” using powers of mind: memory, projection, dissociation, interpretation. In the extreme, we create outlandish conspiracy theories. In our daily lives, we often use the power of mind to create needless suffering. This month, we examine these patterns and Gangaji helps us unearth the jewel in being disillusioned.

“It is very useful to recognize illusions. It is also crucial to recognize that regardless of illusion, you are present. You are the power behind illusion and the power behind truth.”
Authentically Yourself: You Can Stop "Faking It"
Recorded Mar 11, 2001
“All of your life you have wanted to be who you are.  That is what authentic means, isn’t it?”

Recognizing you are just “faking it” is a moment of discriminating wisdom that reveals an essential choice point. Will you keep faking it? When the desire for the truth of who you are overwhelms every other human desire, the choice becomes clear. In this exchange, Gangaji takes us on a deep dive into the desire for authenticity and the habit of postponement.
Bas! Enough!
Recorded Mar 13, 1999
If you are suffering, there is still some story that you are a victim. Are you willing to just say enough? To simply call it off? Papaji’s last word’s were “Bas!” (Enough). No one can end it but you. You are free to suffer and you are free to stop suffering.
The Answer is Alive in You
Recorded Aug 16, 2012
“Anything that comes and goes is ultimately not trustworthy. What does not come and go? This is the discovery.
Then trust is really a surrender to telling the truth about what is always here. Then it gets very simple.”

In this clip Gangaji demonstrates that her role in your life is to support you in discovering for yourself that the answer is alive in you. Check and see. As she says, no one can check for you.
When Something Is Being Ignored
Recorded Apr 6, 1999
In this clip Gangaji points to that which has been ignored in favor of suffering. Ignorance is not bliss. The open mind is bliss.
Ending Unnecessary Suffering
Recorded Sep 15, 2005
Unnecessary Suffering remains as long as there is limited identification with yourself as just a particular body, or a particular history, or the latest evaluation. When the identification shifts to yourself as the consciousness that everything is appearing and disappearing in, your unnecessarily suffering ends.
Retreating into Life
Recorded Apr 17, 2022
From Gangaji's April 2022 Online Meeting. Gangaji speaks about the wonder of life—its hugeness and uncontainability—and the shock and disillusionment we experience when we are confronted with how human beings have used their power to bring war to all aspects of the planet. From a very simple and profound need to live, to survive, as a species it seems we can't get enough. The possibility is to stop the narrative, the acquisition, both material and spiritual, and retreat—not from life, but into life.
It Was Home That First Waked You
Recorded Jul 26, 2003
"My teacher asked me to invite you also into yourself.  Not as a belief, but as home.  To invite you home.  To recognize and respect the search that arose in the cry for home, and to take the chance in this one moment, in this instant, to discover that you are home." From 2003
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