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Being is Belonging
Recordings starting in 2022

“To play the role of yourself, which is the transcendent role, the role of freedom, you have to trust something unknowable.”

The themes of belonging, freedom from identification, and trusting our direct experience come together in this playlist. This powerful interplay of themes opens the mind to the heart and invites an inquiry: What does it mean to be free? Where do you belong?

You Are Wanted By Yourself
Recorded May 21, 2018
Recorded May 21, 2018, this clip is about the intimacy of realizing through inquiry that you are wanted, and what wants you is your own self.
The Challenge of the Super Ego
Recorded Dec 26, 1999
Recorded December 26, 1999, in Marin County, this clip is about the struggle with a superego that tells us we need to be pure before we can be whole.
Permission to Sing Your Song
Recorded Apr 29, 2009
Recorded April 29, 2009, in Arlington Virginia, this clip investigates the thought pattern of needing confirmation from the outside in order to be ok, and ultimately penetrated the belief that "I am not enough."
Return to Innocence
Recorded Aug 21, 2022
The absolute freshness of jumping straight into retreat knowing nothing, completely innocent.
Do You Really Need To Be Special?
Recorded May 25, 2022
When you are struggling with the notion that to be "ordinary" somehow means being boring, and to have a truly meaningful life you need to be extraordinary, what lies underneath that? Gangaji playfully picks apart what is a common desire among humans to be special. Recorded at Fallen Leaf Lake, 05.25.2022.
What Comes After a True Experience of Self
Recorded Aug 7, 2022
Meeting Gangaji for the first time through an online meeting, Nancy shares a moment of true experience of self. Then, says Gangaji, the trick is to not try to recapture that, but to let your life and your practice be a celebration of that which is always here, regardless of your mood or circumstances. Gangaji goes on to share her gratitude that we can meet in this modern-day format, and receive the transmission of teachers like Papaji and Ramana without ever having to meet them in person. For more Papaji videos click here.
The Space of Stillness
Recorded Oct 3, 1999
Gangaji reflects, not for the first or the last time, on the extraordinary times we are living in. While celebrating the wealth of possibilities that our lives present, she offers the timeless teaching from Papaji, to just stop, wherever you are, and drop all that you think you have gained. In a moment of the most pristine, indescribable depth of silence, it is possible to discover the truth of who you are. Gangaji is inviting you, just as you are, into this space of stillness, where the mind clings to nothing.
Intimacy with the Whole Universe
Recorded Mar 18, 2009
True intimacy is endless. You can be intimate with the whole universe.
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