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The Opportunity of Fear
Recorded Aug 22, 1993
In this clip we return to the summer of 1993 in Boulder, Colorado. Gangaji speaks about the opportunity to break the trance of fear by directly experiencing fear itself. “This is a kind of contraction against life. Direct experience is the medicine, the remedy. When you really experience fear,  fear is not fear.”
Intimacy with the Whole Universe
Recorded Mar 18, 2009
True intimacy is endless. You can be intimate with the whole universe.
Intimacy with Yourself
Recorded Oct 21, 2018
True self-intimacy is the discovery of the immeasurable silence of your own heart. In this intimate exchange from October 2018, a poem and a beautiful confirmation from Gangaji express that deep self-affirmation that we so long for.
Willingness to Open
Recorded Feb 27, 2022
The inherent duality in our thinking minds is designed to keep us safe, to keep us alive But when there is a desire to truly be free, to truly know, then there is a transcendence of survival.
True Living Freshness
Recorded Jan 10, 2009
In this timeless invitation Gangaji speaks of the alive freshness of who you are, that is already perfect, already free. There is a lot we can do better, but this profound invitation from Papaji and Ramana, from your own heart, is about discovering what already is better.
The Most Important Question
Recorded Jan 19, 1997
“For our purpose, which is the purpose of discovering the truth of who one is, let us forget why one is and discover who.”

We often are seeking answers to our questions of “why” and “how.” Gangaji invites us to turn our attention to the most important question we can ask ourselves on the spiritual path, the question that can lead to self-recognition and the endless discovery of the depths of who one truly is.
Limits of the Mind
Recorded May 30, 2017
"This is something bigger even than survival. When the mind meets something that’s unmanageable, unknowable, incomprehensible..."

What is the one place that the mind cannot take you? When you recognize that what you really fear is that you will never find the truth, you cannot think your way out of that. But you can be willing to surrender to what is beyond understanding.
Where Sobriety and Bliss Meet
Recorded Feb 20, 1999
Gangaji speaks of the bliss that arises when, in an instant, you give up everything: your attachment to your thoughts and your experiences, as well as your physical circumstances.
Duality is not the Enemy
Recorded Mar 27, 2013
We are so conditioned by our dualistic thinking that we bring that to our deepest spiritual inquiry. But duality is not the problem.
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